PR News From KWT Global PR, Ruder Finn & Padilla



PR News From KWT Global PR, Ruder Finn & Padilla

Here’s some recent PR news updates.

Edelman Wins Sodexo Global PR Duties

Global PR company Edelman will now be taking over the Global PR duties for a French facilities management and food services company “Sodexo”. The company chose Edelman as their PR agency following an immersive review of the marketplace. The agency will be engaging in a multi-country assignment that will include various flagship markets for Sodexo, including the UK, the US, France, and Ireland. The shift follows Sodexo’s previous work with Havas PR. According to Marion Darrieutort, Elan Edelman’s CEO, Sodexo share’s Edelman’s position as an ambitious family-run company.

AVENIR GLOBAL Acquires Top 10 PR Company Padilla

On the first of August, Montreal-based PR holding and management company Avenir Global announced the acquisition of US-based PR brand Padilla. The new purchase is part of a US expansion strategy for AVENIR Global. According to the CEO and president of AVENIR GLOBAL, the brand is thrilled to be welcoming Padilla into their company family. Padilla has both a strong reputation in the marketplace and a solid footprint in the US market which helps to expand AVENIR GLOBAL’s market reach.

Ruder Finn Expands Their Digital Footprint with RLA Collection Purchase

Leading PR company Ruder Finn is acquiring a new company “RLA Collective” to help expand their position in the digital marketplace. RLA Collective specializes in over-the-counter wellness and health – and Ruder Finn believes that the acquisition will help them to integrate more digital marketing into everything they do. The RLA Collective are specialists in end-to-end marketing with content development, research and brand engagement strategies including micro-influencers, social marketing and geo-targeted campaigns.

Mandisa Diggs Takes Over D&I Efforts for Rogers & Cowan

At the beginning of August, Rogers & Cowan decided to enhance their inclusion and diversity efforts in conjunction with their sister agency, by hiring Mandisa Diggs into a newly-created leadership role. Diggs will be responsible for improving the Rogers & Cowan and FRUKT diversity and inclusion efforts through implementation and management of diversity programming, recruitment and resource development.

Diggs will be working across the combined network of FRUKT and Rogers & Cowan to support their diversity efforts going forward. She has experience promoting inclusion for Ford, Cisco and GE.

Kwittken Changes Name to KWT Global

Finally, PR brand Kwittken recently announced that they are changing their name to KWT Global, in an effort to showcase their evolution as an integrated agency. The name change is part of the company’s attempt to enhance their reputation as a global brand.

The new name, aside from boosting the global appeal of the company will also help to pay homage to the heritage and past of the brand, while giving it the strength it needs to grow. KWT Global will be moving forward with an interdisciplinary approach with marketing and communications, combining the best elements of influencer engagement, digital media, PR, and content marketing.

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