In the News Again with MWWPR, Ruder Finn, Teneo Holdings, and Porter Novelli

Loot Crate Signs MWWPR as Their PR Representative

Loot Crate Signs MWWPR as Their PR Representativ

Loot Crate has over 600K subscribers around the world and is revolutionizing how fans of a person or other form of entertainment engage with each other– those fans are called “Looters.” The loot part of their name comes from hooking fans up with opportunities to purchase entertainment merchandise while making memories. And the big news now is they’ve added MWWPR as their PR agent of record.

MWWPR will be expanding Loot Crate’s reach into new channels of entertainment, building Loot Crate’s name recognition, incorporating them more into their global partnerships with brands like WWE and Microsoft, and creating complete strategy packages to launch new products using existing fandom verticals. MWWPR’s Los Angeles office will head up the efforts on Loot Crate’s behalf.

Former Ruder Finn VP of Arts Comms Made Director of Comms at Seattle Art Museum

Former Ruder Finn VP of Arts Comms Made Director of Comms at Seattle Art Museum

Domenic Morea was recently made the Director of Communications for the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). His job at SAM includes leading the museum’s communications work in every aspect, including graphic design, PR, marketing and paid advertising, editorial services, and media relations. The Associate Director of Communications is Cindy McKinley – this is a promotion for her, though she’s been with SAM since 2010 when she helped start up the Picasso Exhibition.

Prior to this new position, Morea helped establish the OWN Network for Oprah Winfrey in 2011. He was the Director of Communications and Publicity at OWN and helped create communications campaigns for many of their programs, as well as publicity for luminaries such as Oprah, the Duchess of York, and Tyler Perry.

While he was the VP of consumer marketing and arts communications at Ruder Finn he gained extensive experience working with museums such as the Hammer Museum, The Getty Villa, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the North Simon Museum, the Orange County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Teneo Holdings Win Scrum for Former Rugby Star Brian O’Driscoll

Brian O’Driscoll retired from Rugby officially in 2014 but has been busy as a sports analyst for various outlets, managing his considerable holdings – something he’s proven exceptional at – and enjoying life. Another item can now be added to his list as he’s been recruited by Teneo Holdings, cofounded in 2011 by the brother of former Labour minister (Alan Kelly) – Declan Kelly’s company now employs more than 550 people and has a client roster including McDonald’s, Samsung, American Express, and Coca-Cola. Though Teneo is headquartered in New York, O’Driscoll will be working primarily out of the London Blue Rubicon office as a Senior Advisor in their Sports Division.

Porter Novelli Tops List of Most Improved PR Firms in U.K. by Profit Margins

Porter Novelli logo

Kingston Smith, a U.K. accounting firm recently reported the findings in their study regarding various marcomms divisions – there are four such divisions including ad agencies, PR agencies, sales promotion, and online media. Ad agencies have always led the crowd in profitability, but for the first time, PR surpassed them. According to that study, “This increase has been driven by increased improvement in efficiency in terms of employment costs [by PR firms].” Those costs dropped for the first time since 2013 to under 62 percent.

Among the winners, Porter Novelli did the best with a cut in costs combined with a loss in operating costs the previous year. Among other reasons for the gain though was a drop in income and squeeze on the agencies.

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