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Finn Partners Announce Cybersecurity Growth

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Leading communications firm, Finn Partners, recently took new clients onboard from the fast-growing field of cyber security. As one of the largest PR firms in the field, Finn’s client portfolio now includes Appthority and Opaque. The firm also embarked on a new project with LogRhythm to expand into the U.S. market, after successfully making a name in Europe.

Finn Partners also harnessed its expertise and experience in the cyber security field hosting a special networking event. The event featured executives from some of the firm’s high-profile clients, including Andy Grolnick from LogRhythm, Dwayne Hall from Opaque Communications, and Chris Webber from Centrify.The event took place Monday, July 25 at the agency’s new San Francisco office at 101 Montgomery Street.

SHIFT Communication Teams Up with Simply Measured

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One of the most powerful tools in integrated public relations and social media management is social analytics, so SHIFT communication’s partnership with Simply Measured makes an excellent match. Why? Because Simply Measured provides data analytics for companies’ social media websites on more than ten platforms.

SHIFT recently became the tech company’s public relations agency of record, with the main goal of increasing the brand’s visibility and credibility among marketers in the business world. It also plans to assist Simply Measured with launching additional new and innovative technologies.

SHIFT Communication’s New York office will handle this addition to their client portfolio.

Portland Communications adds New Faces to their Teams

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Tech companies aren’t the only ones courting new PR firms and experts. Portland Communications, headquartered in London, recently launched a new Brexit team, and took on two impressive new hires. Portland hired the director of communications at DfID as a partner for its international team; and former Treasury official, Matt Pollard, also joined the Portland agency as a part of the newly launched Brexit team.

Helm’s international team has worked with world-renowned organizations like the Qatar Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The team praised Helm’s expertise in global development for the selection and are thrilled to have him onboard.
As for the Brexit Unit, they focus on assisting clients with navigating the new political and economic expectations and regulations that clients should follow with Britain breaking away from the European Union.

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