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FBI & DOJ probe Yanukovych allegations including Podesta, Mercury, and Paul Manafort

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The FBI and the Department of Justice are looking into allegations of corruption during the administration of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. They made a point of saying it is a broad investigation and not particularly targeting individuals currently. The investigation is examining U.S. financial institutions and corporations who may have given aid to the Yanukovych during his time in office for illegal actions.

According to reports from CNN, this investigation includes looking into work done by Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s recently resigned campaign manager and firms he recommended to work with clients who are affiliated to Yanukovych’s political party – Podesta and Mercury, both PR firms. Both PR firms have hired legal representation to look into the matter further.

Cheeky Little Media hired Child’s Play Communications as PR agent of record

Child’s Play Communications Announces Kids and Family Tech Expo Media Event

Cheeky Little Media produces, creates, and manages unique animated media properties for families and kids. CLM will be producing a new children’s show for Netflix called Kazoops. Child’s Play will help launch the new venture for U.S. and Canadian audiences. Child’s Play is a boutique firm specializing in children’s products.

Patrick Egerton, executive producer for Kazoops, said, “We are excited to introduce children in the U.S. and Canada to a show that lets them know it’s okay to question things and not take the world around them at face value. We want to inspire kids’ imaginations and foster the courage to think and see things differently. Because Child’s Play is focused on reaching parents, we are looking forward to working with them to spread the word.”

Motormouth Media declares they had nothing to do with YACHT’s sex tape hoax

Motormouth Media declares they had nothing to do with YACHT’s sex tape hoax

Though Motormouth Media represented YACHT, an electro duo based in Los Angeles and comprised of Claire L. Evans and JonaBechtolt, on the release of their last album, MM had nothing to do with the sex tape hoax. YACHT recently declared that they had made a sex tape that was later put on the internet without their consent, but it turns out that was a publicity stunt.

MM’s leader and founder, Judy Miller, said she hadn’t wanted to comment, but so many people wanted to know. She also reported (through her Twitter account) that she had advised the group against doing anything like this. YACHT initially declared it was revenge porn leaked by their competitors. The stunt was uncovered, and they’ve been facing a firestorm for what they did – many pointing out that their choice belittles and takes advantage of those who have truly been victims of such actions.

2016 Employer of Choice by Australian Business Awards go to Porter Novelli, OMD, and Resolution Media

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Porter Novelli Melbourne, as well as Resolution Media and OMD received honors by being named on the 2016 list as Australian Business Awards’ Employers of Choice. These three are all PR firms, but an additional 38 companies made the list as well. The award is given to businesses or organizations for maximizing their workforce’s full potential while showing employee retention, engagement, and recruitment.

Peter Kent, PN Melbourne’s chief executive, said, “We understand that our greatest asset is our people and this year we’ve given a particular focus to innovation in professional and personal development that suits the times.”

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