PR Newswire Puts More Press in Front of More Eyeballs

Leading press distribution company PR Newswire has announced a partnership with Contineo Media’s English-language websites, to further extend their distribution capabilities across Asia. The publishers of world renown and will show PR Newswire content prominently on their landing pages now.

Contineo Media

Contineo Media corporate landing


This collaboration will engage readers at Contineo Media with key news content from PR Newswire’s across the tourism, hospitality, aviation, broadcasting and TV production industries. This synergy will in turn enhance value at both ends of the content distribution funnel. Helen Zhang (below left), Senior Manager of Audience Development, PR Newswire Asia, offered this comment:

“We are really delighted to work with Contineo Media and extend our reach within travel and broadcasting industry professionals. We are hoping by providing the relevant content to Contineo Media through the widget that not only our clients’ content will be seen by the right audience in Asia, but we will also enhance Contineo Media’s online content, thus increasing and nurturing its readership.”

TravelWeekly and OnScreenAsia are major influences bringing the latest info from cruise lines, hotels, airlines, destinations as well as TV content, film and media production in the Asia Pacific region. For PR Newswire stakeholders the reach enhancement is obvious, in a press released distribution marketing that seem to be shrinking on some levels. But the reality of such press release news as this is covered aptly by Forbes’ Cheryl Conner here. As she states, “wire posting of press releases is mandatory”, and our own Mihaela Lica Butler speaks of this component PR tool many times.

So this news, are the very core of communicative business, just puts businesses’ news in front of a lot more targeted eyeballs. And that’s part of what PR is all about.

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