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Headquartered in Brooklyn, Praytell has expanded its reach, opening offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and London. Barely eight years since its inception, the creative communication agency has mastered the art of blending full-service media (earned, owned, paid, and social) into a highly effective holistic offering.

Founded by Andy Pray, the award-winning agency works with a wide range of tech, beverage, lifestyle, and global brands. Thanks to a strong commitment to culture, rapid expansion, and an insatiable appetite for changing client needs, Pray’s team continues to create waves in the PR space. Having secured notable awards, the agency has aspects that are worth reviewing. That said, a review of the agency’s case studies, notable milestones & programs, and client roster sheds light on the firm’s remarkable growth.

Case Studies

#1. Evian’s Campaign

Tasked with building Evian’s cultural relevance in the US, Patrell’s team devised a plan to release a bottle in honor of Andy King—the lovable event planner and breakout star of Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary. Emboldened on the custom bottles was the slogan: “So Good You’d Do Anything For It.”

The results were mind-blowing. Within hours of hitting the market, Evian’s Andy King bottle generated close to a billion media impressions and close to 330 million on social media. At the same time, the news was picked up by notable outlets, among them People, E! News, Ok magazines, Mashable, OUT, Attitude, and Queerty.

#2. Samsung NEON’s Campaign

Having brewed some breakthrough artificial human technology, Samsung’s team tasked Praytell with unveiling a potentially-polarizing product early in its development stage.

The solution was simple yet effective. PRaytell’s team chose to build excitement in the period leading to 2020’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), accompanied by widespread outreach to capitalize on the pre-show momentum. The results were unmatched. NEON drew significant attention to become the most anticipated launch during CES 2020.

Notable Awards & Programs

#1. PRWeek’s 2020 Agency of the Year

With the firm achieving double-digit growth, growing its revenue to $21.6 million, and remaining committed to meeting its client needs, the agency scooped the highest score from PR week’s judges.

Committed to a vibrant culture, Praytell grew its staff to 150 employees, invested in new offices, and made notable improvements in its headquarters—based in Brooklyn.

#2. PRWeek’s Best Place to Work 2014-2019

Since 2014, Praytell has been featured on PRWeek’s best places to work list. Maintaining a “people first” mindset, the agency continues to record off-the-charts scores for exceptional leadership receptiveness towards its employees.

At the same time, employees rave about the agency’s office environment, people, and culture. With staff members feeling genuinely supported in their professional growth, many note that careers at the agency offer clear paths to success. That has made the agency standout.

#3.Passion Project

Since 2013, PrayTell’s team has offered volunteer days, and pro-bono work valued at more than $1.5 million. Working with worthy nonprofits, the agency supports notable courses like gender equality, educational access, civic engagement, and anti-hate.

Client List

Brands in Paytell’s client roaster include Tito’s handmade vodka, Evian, Goose Island, Vivino, Paper&packaging, Match, Golden Road breweries, Footaction, and more.

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