TransMedia Group as AOR for Rock Hard Taco

TransMedia Group

Rock Hard Taco have just opened their doors at the Palmetto Park Pavilion and beach, but they are not satisfied just being strategically located in what has been described as a Mecca for surfers, skateboarders and motocross fans. The eatery has retained TransMedia Group as their PR agency of record. TransMedia’s first task is to plan a sports and music celebrity grand opening day on August 20, despite the fact that Rock Hard Taco is already opened for business.

“To pack more buzz and glitter, we’re lining up community and celebrity support for the grand opening, and expect exciting special guests to attract throngs of extreme sports lovers to this fabulous quesadilla of energy by the sea,” said Tom Madden, TransMedia CEO, in an official press statement.

Aside the grand opening festivities, TransMedia will also be in charge of organizing events such as skate and surf competitions with prizes, in an effort to promote Rock Hard Taco, and to transform it into a true gathering place for the extreme sports crowd. According to the official release, TransMedia plans a series of special events to show how patrons can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating areas, with additional seating in the rear as well as show off the decor in murals of extreme sports such as surfing, skateboarding, motocross, plus a nice-sized screen to view it on.

TransMedia aims to make Rock Hard Taco influential enough to transform Boca into the City of Tacos, as Tom Madden stated, paraphrasing the known “Paris is the City of Lights.”

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