Relevance International: Agency Profile

Founded in 2012, Relevance International is a full-service public relations and brand-building agency with offices in New York, London, and Los Angeles. This is an agency that’s passionate about delivering strategic results and generation waves in the media for its clients through innovative campaigns and industry firsts.

Relevance International is a fully global agency positioned to help its clients grow and reach audiences all over the globe. The agency can leverage the established relationships it has with the media outlets and the sophisticated understanding that the onboard team has of the global trends and markets, and then create custom media campaigns that can successfully achieve the clients’ goals.

Onboard Relevance International, many industry-leading professionals have a wide range of journalism, real estate, design, architecture, hospitality, and luxury lifestyle. Due to the agency’s multi-disciplinary understanding of every client’s business, Relevance International can create compelling story ideas that will produce consistent and strategic results.

Relevance International provides public relations, brand development, digital, content creation, events, partnerships, research, insight, strategy, execution (RISE) services, and access to its global affiliate network to its clients.

With the long-standing relationships that Relevance International has with media outlets, and delivering targeted press results, the agency can get results with its strategic media campaigns. Many of Relevance International’s clients are consistently featured in several top-tier media outlets, from newspapers to magazines, both locally and internationally.

The team onboard Relevance International is skilled in achieving the best possible results from stories, which is why many clients have relied on the agency’s crisis management services. WIth the high-impact media coverage, the agency can proactively work to develop messaging and create media management plans that can generate positive coverage for the client.

Furthermore, with the agency’s digital strategy services, any business can curate and execute captivating strategies and content that will get the public’s attention. Relevance International can identify all of the available digital channels for the client that will drive conversions, and tell a company’s story through social media, influencer marketing, mobile advertising, search engine marketing, and optimization, online video, native and display marketing, and much more.

Relevance International has a particular model, called the RISE model, which is the agency’s original research strategy developed by its founder and CEO, Suzanne Rosnowski. The purpose of this model is to identify a company’s competitive set, differentiate the brand and demonstrate its value to the public, find ways to get and keep the public’s attention, clarify strong messaging, identify the best channels for the messages and challenge assumptions with an objective third party review.

The agency has worked with clients across many different industries, including corporate, such as Dezer Development and Triplemint, hospitality, lifestyle, and luxury goods like Time Hotel, The Setai Group, Starwood, residential real estate developments with the likes of 49 Chambers, residential brokerage, commercial and retail, such as CitiHabitats, DJK Residential, Tangram, architecture, and design, like Paris Forino, Design Republic and social media, like Rockefeller Group International.

Competing agencies include Zeno Group and 5WPR.

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