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PRFrame, the newly released Firefox browser addon from BeFrame, is advertised as a useful tool for PR professionals, beginners of the field as well as all those curious about public relations. Meaning a tool that’s good for those familiar with the field, for those wanting to build a PR career and for those who want to give DIY public relations a try.

Once installed, the tool has three main blocks displayed: Links, Feeds and Monitor. The Links area includes a list of useful resources, from media sites to PR awards and professional organizations. Feeds cover news from blogs and trade publications, along with announcements for relevant events, PR conferences, seminars and training sessions. The current version of PRFrame includes UK and US resources only, but future releases will expand geographical coverage.

The press release and the site don’t really explain how the monitoring features work, what they track and which are the reporting options. I can tell you though that the Search field is a combination of Google BlogSearch and Google Page rank, plus something they define as promotional status control of visited pages.

“The main idea was to create a tool that could help PR people to save their time in everyday working routine and bring useful information right to their desktop browser”, – said Anton Davidenko, co-founder of PRFrame and CMO of the project. “We don’t want to impose our vision but offer a choice of existing resources that could be helpful to follow the market and handle PR work in the most efficient way”.

Another way you can use PRFrame is as a backup of all your professional links instead of going for the already existing browser bookmarking options or other social bookmarking sites.

I cannot make a statement as of yet on the quality of PRFrame. It might just be an extremely useful tool that easily integrates with Mozilla Firefox. But it comes with a hard to process press release, websites with way too little information and so many grammar mistakes it makes your head spin. And I am referring to both the tool dedicated website and the main corporate website of BeFrame!

If you have enough patience to guess what the features are and what they do and then test them, I’d say they are worth a quick try. I strongly advise against spending too much time on any of the websites!

They are so red they make your eyes hurt and eventually give you an accompanying headache, on the house ;)

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