Profile Of Talk Global

Profile Of Talk PR

Talk Global is a London-based global communications agency specializing in consumer and lifestyle PR. In a world where influence is complex and layered, this organization believes in helping their clients to influencer their audience in unique and interesting ways, using a range of connections and a deep understanding of culture to grow brands from all manner of different verticals. Talk PR exists as part of the wider M&C Saatchi group; however, they take a boutique approach to business. The company Jane Boardman founded the brand- a beauty expert, and over the years it has grown to combine local and global PR practices across a range of unique sectors.

Talk Global  Leadership and Clients:

Thanks to their leader Jane Boardman, an expert in the beauty space, Talk PR are a natural leader in the beauty and fashion industries. However, they are free to work with people from a range of different backgrounds when it comes to creating unique and influential brands. Talk PR work by creating unique and compelling stories for their clients, making campaigns that are easy to measure and evaluate.

The company has been working alongside leading brands for a number of years, including those like Neutrogena, Pernod Ricard, Burberry, and many more.

Talk Global  Perks and Problems:

When it comes to their people, Talk PR pride themselves on creating a harmonious and creative working unit, where staff work alongside each other as both friends and colleagues. The company trusts their staff wholeheartedly and gives them plenty of opportunities to work with great clients from around the world.

Talk PR is a diverse company with job shares, part-timers, and parents all working under the same roof, and everyone in the company has the opportunity to work from home for at least one day a week.

Talk Global Services:

Talk PR commit to creating campaigns that inspire buzz about the companies that they work for. However, to get people talking, they believe that they need to listen to their clients first. This is why their services start with something they call the Listening Post – a selection of tools that they use to craft the right activation’s and ideas for their clients.

The services that Talk PR offer span almost every channel that any organization or brand could need to make critical connections, including services in PR, and traditional audience engagement, reputation management, content creation, and event management. The company also uses something called a “Spheres of Influence” tool which helps them to make sense of the PR landscape in a multi-channel digital space.

Getting a Job With Talk PR:

Talk PR frequently search for new experts to add to their team, with a range of fantastic vacancies for PR professionals to explore. Candidates can send in a CV, or apply to one of the jobs listed on the company website. Additionally, the Talk PR also offer a fantastic opportunity for students once a year to come in and gain valuable hands-on experience within the PR agency.

Talk Global Miscellaneous:

Talk PR run their own bespoke learning and inspiration strategy with 52 separate masterclass workshops hosted by external and internal training experts. They believe in equipping their staff with the valuable knowledge, skills and support they need to create the best possible work for their clients.

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