PR Resources: ProProfs Survey Maker Enhances Community Engagement

Surveys rank among the best tools to keep audiences engaged, and to gather important business intelligence. They are costly to conduct offline, but fortunately, on the Internet, there are many great tools to use, a some are free or affordable in their pro versions. One such tool was recently launched by ProProfs.

ProProfs Survey Maker is easy to use, flexible and powerful, and supports a range of comprehensive features, that allow professionals or enterprises to create different kinds of surveys, ranging from customer feedback surveys to market research surveys, demographic surveys, course evaluation surveys, and beyond.

The free version of the software is perfect for educators, marketers and small businesses, who want to quickly create a survey for less than 50 people.

ProProfs Survey Maker UI screens everything-pr

ProProfs Survey Maker features

  • User friendly survey software with a vast array of features that allow anyone to create comprehensive surveys on all kinds of topics. The UI has easy to use drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to add multiple questions types to their survey in no time. Surveys can be edited at any time on spot, for instance by effortlessly changing or reordering questions to create surveys tailored to the needs of the respondents.
  • Detailed reports and stats for each and every survey created with ProProfs Survey Maker, offering important business intelligence for surveyors. Data is shown as charts and graphs, which can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet for more detailed analysis. There are also detailed reports for each survey concerning the number of respondents, the date and time when the survey was taken, as well as the IP address from where the survey was taken.
  • Grade survey responses allow respondents to assign unique points to the answers in their surveys or rate the answers on a scale of pre-determined points.
  • Website embed and social networks sharing functionality, further the reach. Last but not least, ProProfs surveys work across all platforms and devices, including smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

ProProfs Survey Maker is an addition to a powerful set of tools already offered by ProProfs for corporate professionals such as HR managers or individual educators.

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