PR’s Role In Shaping Effective Messages

Effective Messages

When building a house, one hires a contractor, not a doctor. The same principle applies to businesses with the goal of becoming successful. Smart businesses hire professionals with the right expertise to promote their companies. They want someone with experience and a proven track record of getting results – someone in the field of public relations.

Florida Polytechnic University knew the importance of public relations when it hired Tucker/Hall, a PR firm in Tampa, Florida. The school struck a deal with the agency in April of 2013, a reported 16 months before they opened. This shows a proactive approach on the school’s part and should position them for future success. It also gave the PR firm time to fully prepare for a launch.

Why hire a Public Relations Firm?

PR firms promote clients to grow relationships, build trust and improve visibility. While some PR firms do promote clients in the advertorial sense, traditional PR activities are much more editorial. Jobs include speech writing, events planning, conducting market research, copying writing and blogging for the internet, social media promotions, and crisis management.

Just as a boxer shouldn’t run into the ring without training, a well-prepared business shouldn’t go out into the marketplace without proper PR counseling. A company’s name, message, and brand truly do matter, and set the tone for how the public perceives the “product.”

Great PR involves doing all the research that goes with figuring out what consumers want to see and what encourages them to try, or remain loyal to, specific brands.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Public Relations Firm?

It is never too early to hire a public relations firm. As Florida Polytechnic University has shown, a great PR strategy is an early PR strategy.

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