Public Health Campaigns and Marketing Services for Advertising

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Friday, April 19, 2024 10:00 AM CT

Link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/20410.pdf

Qualifications must be received by:

Proposal Coordinator

Jennifer Dotson

570 E. Woodrow Wilson Ave.

Jackson, MS 39216-4538

Telephone: 601.576.7627


SECTION 2: Scope of Services and Requirements

2.1 Scope of Services

The Vendor will create, develop, place, and then evaluate/audit a variety of public health messages

as directed by the MSDH Director of Communications. These messages must reach a racially and

culturally diverse population.

At times, it will be necessary for the MSDH to respond quickly and effectively within a limited

time frame.

All invoices will be itemized and detailed according to program area, campaign, and deliverables.

Spot calendars and a final performance report will be delivered before final invoices are paid.

1. WEBSITE – Website design and development, copywriting, graphics.


fact sheets, flyers, posters, signage, advertising and/or multimedia presentations.

a. Provide campaign proposal to the Director of Communications with research,

concepts, media vehicles and media buys, and financial allocations (based on the

amount of the proposal).

b. Provide methodology of the process for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness

of a campaign.

c. Provide all source files that then become the property of MSDH (electronic, print,

website ready, social media etc.).

d. At the completion of every campaign, and within a reasonable amount of time,

provide a campaign evaluation that should include samples of all spots in all formats,

impressions, views what was innovative, what worked, what failed, and future


3. DIGITAL MARKETING – Email marketing, development of digital media creative

(banner ads, pay per click ads, blogs, web videos and mobile apps), SEO (Search Engine

Optimization) strategy and optimization, placement, and ongoing evaluation/adjustment to

maximize campaign performance.

4. COPYWRITING – Copywriting and editing services for a wide variety of marketing tools

including website, collateral, programmatic documentation, case studies, testimonials, annual

reports, and other purposes.

5. VIDEOGRAPHY – Live action and/or animated video production and post-production.

Marketing, promotional, testimonial, case-study, web streaming, video blogging, slideshows,

events, etc.

6. PHOTOGRAPHY – Professional photography services for events, employee testimonials,

case studies, website images, collateral, and other purposes.

7. EVENTS – Assist MSDH with scheduling, planning, publicizing, staffing, and/or hosting,

among other things, necessary for the production of MSDH events, such as conferences,

public events, training, and other events as determined by MSDH. Contractor may also be

required to contract directly with other vendors necessary to facilitate the MSDH event.

Arrange trainings and presentations, including securing the facilitator and the facility and be

available for press conferences when needed – at times providing equipment and necessary

staff to carry out duties.

8. MEDIA BUYING & PLACEMENT – Negotiation and placement of advertising in various

media channels including radio, TV, out-of-home, and print publications.

9. PRINTING – Printing services for a wide range of marketing and sales materials, including

one-sheets, folders, booklets, annual reports, banners, etc.

10. MARKET RESEARCH – Contractor will conduct primary research and focus groups as

needed, along with analysis of existing market research to inform MSDH programs and


These deliverables will not exceed $16 million during the contract period of the initial four years.

An additional year will not exceed $4 million as in the previous years.

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