Corporation of the District of North Vancouver Issues Media RFP

Corporation of the District of North Vancouver Issues Media RFP
Corporation of the District of North Vancouver Issues Media RFP

The Corporation of the District of North Vancouver (the “District”), invites Applications from Applicants with the qualifications, expertise, capabilities, experience, resources and certifications to provide various types of Strategic Communications and Community Relations Services (the “Services”) that will be used on an as and when required basis.


The District of North Vancouver is a district municipality in British Columbia, Canada, and is part of Metro Vancouver. It surrounds the City of North Vancouver on three sides. As of 2016, the District stands as the second wealthiest city in Canada, with neighboring West Vancouver the richest.

Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work (the “SOW”) for each type of service will include but will not be limited to the specific requirements broadly described below and will be performed in consultation and collaboration with authorized District personnel.

Applicants are encouraged to provide any number of Services types as their level of qualifications, expertise, capabilities, experience, resources and certifications warrant.

For each of the various types of Services of this RFSO, Services Providers will be required to:

      Audio-Visual Services

  • Provide sound and video display equipment such as microphones, speakers, audio mix boards, TV’s, larger screen projection systems, etc., rental, setup and trained personnel to perform technical services for media and/or community events, large public meetings, etc.

     Community Engagement Services

  • Provide project specific design, execution and reporting of community engagement programs.

      Creative Services

  • Conduct appropriate research, provide creative content and look development, and develop collateral materials and/or content such as program/project specific look and branding, advertising and/or public awareness, web content, print, etc. for District initiatives and campaigns.

      Event Planning and Management Services

  • Plan, design, execute and manage indoor and outdoor events for and in collaboration with the District

      Facilitation Services

  • Facilitate group decision-making, community engagement projects, etc.

      Graphic Design Services

  • Provide a wide variety of graphic design work including identities, campaign look and feel, infographics, print projects, advertising etc. Occasional supervision of printing process may also be required.

       Photography Services

  • Provide professional photographic shooting and editing services for District projects and programs including journalistic format, event-based shoots and formal settings.

      Polling and Surveying Services

  • Design, execute and report on formal statistically relevant on-line, intercept and phone surveys and public opinion polling.

      Printing Services

  • Provide a comprehensive, wide variety of print product services.

      Project Communications Services

  • Provide planning, development, execution and reporting of project-based communications.


  • Provide fabrication, printing, installation/removal of indoor and outdoor signs, banners, etc.

      Strategic Communications Services

  • Provide advisory expertise, and strategic communications planning, development and execution services.

      Translation Services

  • Provide translation of generally smaller pieces of text into Metro Vancouver’s most spoken languages other than English.

     Video Production Services

  • Provide professional video production including script writing/editing, storyboarding, filming, and editing and delivery of live action, animated and/or explainer videos, content for web site and social media channels, etc. for District projects and programs. The Service Provider will be required to provide pre-planned video production as well as some on-call journalistic shooting of specific events.
  • Service Providers should have the ability to provide multiple cameras, appropriate lighting and professional sound quality together with all other necessary equipment and expertise to satisfactorily provide the services.

Writing, Editing, Proofreading, and Document Layout

  • Write, edit and proofread including providing document layout, a wide variety of copy for print documents, online channels etc; may include sourcing applicable research, sourcing of support materials, and working in tandem with graphic designers and printers.

Due Date:

February 28th, 2019.


Supplies and Risk Management Department

District of North Vancouver – Municipal Hall

355 West Queens Road

North Vancouver, B.C.

V7N 4N5

APCO Worldwide and Zeno Group have relevant experience.

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