San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Issues Marketing RFP

San Bernardino County Transportation AuthorityThe San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) has issued an RFP seeking qualified research and marketing consulting firms to conduct research and assist in the analysis and development of appropriate marketing materials for transit agencies serving the Mountain/Desert region of our county. Conduct transit market research, audit existing marketing collateral, and analyze information from riders as well as non-riders to develop a strategic marketing plan to increase ridership and build awareness of transit services and promotional programs. This research should include documentation of ridership patterns, unmet mobility needs among the Mountain/Desert region, and a baseline analysis of current marketing programs of the respective transit providers.


The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) is the regional transportation planning agency for the county of San Bernardino.

Scope of Work

Survey Development – Develop surveys addressing demographics, system use, best form
of outreach, and knowledge of system services.


  • Passenger Questionnaire for on-board, in-person interviews.
  • Transit Attitude and Awareness Survey for non-rider interviews.

On-Board Passenger Survey

Conduct on-board, in-person interviews of 15 Mountain Transit passengers, 101 VVTA
Passengers (to include Barstow Area transit), 13 MBTA passengers, and 3 NAT passengers
utilizing the Passenger Questionnaire developed in Task 1 of this RFP. Passengers
interviewed can be of any age; however, only one adult per party traveling together should
be surveyed and no duplicate interviews will be accepted. At least 25% of the interviews
conducted shall be with Spanish-speaking passengers. Routes should be targeted for
surveying on both weekdays and weekends in a random fashion.  The survey  of passengers
shall last no longer than one month.


  • Report of Survey findings, including executive summary, research objectives, methodology, review of results, conclusions, basic data tabulation, cross-tabulation input, and appropriate graphs, charts, and diagrams to effectively communicate the results of the survey.

Non-Rider Survey – Conduct interviews of 291 Mountain/Desert residents (preferably head
of household) who do not currently use transit service and have not used transit service in
the last 12 months utilizing the Transit Attitude and Awareness Survey developed in Task 1
of this RFP. Respondents must be age 18 or over. Households surveyed should be selected
randomly throughout the region and should include both English and Spanish interviews.
The survey of non-  riders shall last no longer than one month. Telephone interviews or
interviews at commercial shopping centers may be used to yield the best sample.


  • Report of Survey findings, including executive summary, research objectives, methodology, review of results, conclusions, basic data tabulation, cross-tabulation input, and appropriate graphs, charts, and diagrams to effectively communicate the results of the survey.

Analysis of Marketing Strategies in Place – Selected firm shall conduct an  analysis of
each respective transit provider’s current marketing strategies to determine opportunities for
new or expanded opportunities in line with new ridership expectations.


  • Report of analyses with executive summary. Individual analysis for each provider that incudes, but is not limited to: current staffing, marketing budget, areas of coverage, goals and objectives, and limitations/opportunities.

Presentation to SBCTA and Transit Operators – Consulting firm shall make   one
presentation of the results of Tasks 1-4 to the SBCTA and each of the transit operators. This
presentation shall include a PowerPoint slideshow highlighting the results of both surveys.


  • 50 full-color, bound copies of the Passenger Questionnaire Report, 50 full- color, bound copies of the Transit Attitude and Awareness Survey Report, and one PowerPoint highlighting the results of both surveys. The DRAFT PowerPoint must be submitted to the Contract Manager for review and editing prior to scheduling the presentation. The FINAL approved PowerPoint must be submitted to the Contract Manager no less than one week in advance of the presentation.

Development and Implementation

The successful consultant/firm will work with SBCTA Legislative & Public Affairs team on the execution of a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy to increase public transportation ridership in the Mountain/Desert region for public transportation.


  • Assess findings of research and determine the most effective form of outreach of communication, messaging, and tone.
  • Develop a strategy that addresses the relationship between SBCTA and Mountain/Desert agency brands, service, program and project brands.
  • Enhance agency awareness and identity for the transportation agencies in the Mountain/Desert region.
  • Evaluate media (both in digital and print) and make recommendations to identify opportunities locally to increase reach.
  • Provide additional options which may be non-traditional but value added opportunities such as promotions, giveaways, editorial opportunities, and social media engagement.
  • Develop performance evaluation measures for all marketing activities or strategic planning activities conducted.

Marketing Strategies and Tool Kits

Based on the findings of the research and analysis, provide a marketing strategy and tool kit that illustrates our understanding of the Mountain/Desert community transportation needs, their personas, and the best form of communication in bringing awareness of public transportation available to them at a fare subsidy.


  • Present a marketing brief to be presented to SBCTA no later than one month after survey results have been presented to address the marketing efforts from the research. The marketing brief should explain the purpose of our efforts, measurements of success, setting the tone of our marketing outreach, identifying our audience/personas within the communities, and creating awareness of agency branding and messaging.
  • Work within the existing brand identities for the respective transit agencies to develop considerations for placement on brochures, website pages, advertising, media kits and the like.
  • Media placements (both digital and print) should be identified and placed following SBCTA approval.
  • Perform media production services including but not limited to creative concept, graphic design, photography, copywriting, press releases and printing.
  • Create a toolkit that can be provided to each agency with an explanation of program overview, branding guidelines, tone and form of outreach, inventory of all content created for agency, and all other content associated with the community outreach.
  • Provide guidance as requested by SBCTA throughout the life of the contract on matters of marketing

Measurements of Success

Provide a detailed report showing an evaluation in the following areas:

  • A post-survey development and execution on the last month of the 12 month contract with the same demographic mentioned in Task 2 and Task 3 to measure public awareness within communities.
  • The implementation of marketing outreach into existing brand identities for all agencies involved
  • Analysis and report of new strategies with ridership comparisons
  • The effect on ridership
  • The effect on public awareness of the agencies
  • Expected ongoing use of the toolkits provided.


Due Date

June 29, 2017 @ 2pm CST


Alicia Johnson
Procurement Analyst SBCTA
1170 W. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92410-1715
(909) 884-8276


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