The state of North Dakota, acting through its North Dakota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division, (STATE) is soliciting proposals to assist STATE with placement of existing media for Parents Lead, Stop Overdose, and Lock. Monitor. Take Back. with the goal of preventing underage drinking, prescription drug and opioid abuse, and overdose.


Nationally, 69% of youth report their parents as the leading influence in their decision not to drink alcohol (Gf Roper Report, 2017). To address the high rates of underage drinking in North Dakota, and to support data that shows the influence parents have on their children’s decisions, STATE developed Parents Lead, a statewide program designed to encourage parents to engage in four primary parental protective factors proven to contribute to the prevention of underage drinking and related consequences:

  • Initiate and/or continue conversations with their children, especially about underage drinking
  • Role model positive and healthy behaviors
  • Monitor their children’s whereabouts
  • Provide ongoing support and engagement

To promote the Parents Lead program and its goals, STATE has developed a variety of television, radio, and online advertisements.

Visit for more information/resources. Also visit for existing advertisements.

Scope of Work:

STATE requests proposals from a creative agency interested in completing the following Scope of Work:

  • Develop a strategic media placement plan for the Parents Lead, Stop Overdose, and Lock. Monitor. Take Back. campaign advertisements (found at to increase overall awareness of the campaigns, their respective websites, and the issues they address (underage drinking and prescription drug/opioid abuse and overdose) during the contract period April 2, 2018, through September 30, 2018.

o        The proposed plan must demonstrate that it will maximize available funds (based on the cost breakdown provided in Section 2.02 Budget) to reach the largest number of viewership/listenership by purchasing and placing ad space utilizing a variety of online mediums (e.g. online ads, Pandora, etc.), which are rated most popular among the targeted audience.

o        The proposed plan must prioritize non-traditional media over traditional media, such as television and radio.

o        Vendor may edit or alter existing creative media provided by STATE to be effectively utilized for different mediums (e.g. dimensions of existing ads can be changed, length of video/audio can be altered). Any edited or altered creative media must be provided by STATE.

o        Vendor shall bring a spirit of creativity and innovation to the media placement process.

  • Implement strategic media placement plan, following approval by STATE.
  • Assign project managers in a number adequate to provide coordinated, responsive, and efficient service to STATE throughout the life of the contract.
  • Partner with STATE team to communicate deadlines and ensure all media purchasing and placements are correctly specified and received by the media outlet in a timely manner.
  • Track results of all media placement and provide detailed monthly analytic reporting to STATE, including reach and funds spent for each campaign.
  • Provide weekly progress reports relating to media placement, to include:

o        A summary of the work conducted within the reporting period, including specific types of media placement, and

o        The total amount of funds spent for each of the three campaigns: (1) within the reporting period, and (2) to-date.

  • Coordinate all invoices and billings for purchased media, submitting a compiled monthly bill to STATE. Separate invoices and paperwork must be provided for Parents Lead media placement and prescription drug placement (Stop Overdose and Lock. Monitor. Take Back.) in order to track budget spending requirements.
  • Provide a final summary report to STATE of all media placement and analytics, including reach, outcomes, and funds spent for each campaign no later than October 10, 2018.
  • Communication/media purchasing and placement strategies must be evidence- based and best-practice.

Due Date:

March 20th


North Dakota Department of Human Services

Behavioral Health Division

Attn: Jessica Rudnick

RFP Number: 325-18-810-003

1237 W. Divide Avenue, Suite 1D Bismarck, ND 58501

MWWPR and Ketchum PR have done anti-tobacco work.

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