Multi-State Lottery Association Issues Creative RFP

Multi-State Lottery Association Issues Creative RFP
Multi-State Lottery Association Issues Creative RFP

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is an unincorporated non-profit government benefit association owned and operated by thirty-eight (38) governmental lotteries (Member Lotteries). MUSL assists both Member Lotteries and additional lotteries licensed to sell multi-jurisdictional lottery games such as POWERBALL®, in the operation and sale of those lottery games.

Currently, MUSL is pursuing the development of a mobile application. The app will be used by players across the United States, and possibly internationally. It is expected that this app performs consistently, be compatible with popular mobile platforms, load within five (5) seconds, offer ease of use for checking game numbers, and gaining access to applicable lotteries. Achieving app store optimization will also be a key factor in offering the official POWERBALL app. The app will not allow the purchase of tickets but should have the capability of redirecting users to various state-specific websites for further information. The app should be able to update routinely, efficiently and quickly information regarding the POWERBALL® game and drawings.


MUSL desires to engage a mobile app developer that will also supply related services, such as cutting-edge and interesting design elements, implementation and maintenance. Requirements for any future app design will likely highlight content used on, the official site.

Additionally, MUSL will require that the app design/development will be user-friendly and allow users to perform these activities: enter and save ticket numbers and other information; scan tickets to see if the ticket-holder is a winner of any POWERBALL prize; view present and past winning numbers (manual, and/or camera OCR entry availability); receive notifications regarding various events, and create accounts to sync information to other devices.

MUSL will need assistance and information regarding the scanning capabilities used for various items (play slips, tickets) that do not use universal bar codes or design. Ideally, the app will scan any ticket or play slip from any and all of the 47 jurisdictions that sell the POWERBALL game.

The app should be compatible with a number of operating systems, including iOS and Android. MUSL will require that the Vendor manage all submissions to Apple App Store and Google App Store. The vendor will be responsible for completing any requirements so that the app is available on each of the two stores.

Scope of Work:


a. The selected Vendor will be required to produce an attractive and engaging mobile app design, which allows users to create accounts, and addresses ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. MUSL shall provide the final approval of the mobile app design.

b. Proposals must also include a plan for regular updates and a description of the Vendor’s capacity to perform the updates, and associated costs.

c. Additionally, the Proposal should include an option for integration of the sub-content for other games and provide a solution for the simple management of additional game content, including the ability to remove and/or add game information.

d. The mobile app design must include state lottery links and/or display of appropriate lottery(ies) through geolocation.

e. The mobile app design must incorporate a variety of information, including, but not limited to near real-time updates of selected numbers for POWERBALL drawings and informational pages of participating lotteries.

f. The mobile app should include space for advertisement placement, opt-in to email list(s), and potentially allow entry points for promotions offered by MUSL and its Member Lotteries.

g. The application should include options for push notifications to players if desired.

h. MUSL suggests that the app be created using Xamarin. Communication with any required back-end services must be well documented and use software available to MUSL. MUSL also asks developers to offer other suggestions.

i. Vendors should anticipate that MUSL will own the code for the proposed solution without additional royalty or other payments.

j. A list of the staff who will likely be working on this mobile app redesign, including professional background information. Staff assigned to this project will undergo criminal background checks.

k. Three client references, names and contact information

l. Proposals must include as separate line items the following costs:

I. Design and development

II. Ongoing support for MUSL

III. Ongoing maintenance services (annual fees)

IV. Ongoing costs for customer support (including responding to customer complaints and issues associated with the app performance (annual fees).


The overall user experience is one of, if not the most important elements of this Project.

a. In addition to availability on the app stores identified above, the app must be available for download from a website.

b. Game results in a readable, and possible other format (such as animation, etc.) must be available.

c. MUSL desires Vendor’s input to describe the best user experience possible in terms of visual interest, intuitiveness, keystrokes, etc.

d. Updates must be made when necessary, along with notifications to users regarding the downloadable updates.

e. Data analytics and that show number of visitors, users, user demographics, and user behaviors while using the app may also be required. 3.

Due Date:

January 27


Proposals must be sent by email to, and three (3) hard copies by USPS or overnight delivery to: Procurement Multi-State Lottery Association 4400 NW Urbandale Drive Urbandale, IA 50322

Relevant agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and MWWPR.

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