Pensacola International Airport has used the services of a marketing/public information/public relations firm for many years. It is the City’s opinion that the use of a professional, highly qualified firm is beneficial to the citizens of Pensacola as well as to the market productivity of the Airport.


Pensacola International Airport is a small hub airport serving the City of Pensacola and surrounding communities. It is the largest airport between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Jacksonville, Florida. The traffic is primarily originating and destination passengers utilizing approximately 90 daily flights offered by American, Delta, Frontier, Silver, Southwest, and United. Pensacola International Airport is a Department of the City of Pensacola and is classified as a “public enterprise” operation. An important underlying principle for the operation of the Airport is that it conducts its operations on a sound business basis, and that it generates airline and non-airline revenue equal to or in excess of its operating and capital requirements. Therefore, the Airport operates on a business model requiring communication with customers and the community, and marketing of its services.

Scope of Work:

The Selected Firm shall provide creative services for developing advertising campaigns to promote the Airport and its services. They will be responsible for all phases of such campaigns including the production and placement of ads on radio, television, billboards, and print media. They shall prepare and assist in the distribution of public information and educational materials, prepare annual public relation/public information plans, and provide updates and changes to those plans throughout the year. They will provide advice regarding, and assist in addressing, all media relations and will proactively identify and develop marketing and educational ideas and opportunities for the Airport.

Advertising/Marketing Budget:

The Pensacola International Airport works with an estimated annual advertising budget of over $600,000 (includes any and all agency fees and expenses) to serve a catchment area from Mobile County, Alabama to Okaloosa County, Florida, and accommodates approximately 2 million passengers a year traveling using some twenty daily, weekend, or seasonal direct routes offered by airlines.

Transition Plan:

The Firm shall develop and provide a transition plan for all social media and trend analysis services currently provided to the Airport, for all accounts for any survey engines, ongoing print media purchases, and all contracted media buys with current providers.

Firm Capabilities: The Firm shall have the capability to create and effectively use all forms of advertising and public information media including, but not limited to the creation and production of videos, web sites, social media, print material, and graphic displays. The Firm shall have the ability to develop and produce (or shall possess experience in arranging for development and production of) television or radio shows for the promotion of the Airport. The Firm should be capable of assisting in all areas of customer relations and customer information by providing analysis, surveys, and visitor statistical data, conducting public information meetings, and as may be requested, conducting activities to assess customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and brand marketing approaches. Continuity is important. Pensacola International Airport’s brand and colors must be used consistently through all media and communications. Technical knowledge of the marketing/ public relations business is only part of the requirement to be an effective partner with the Airport. The Firm must have experience working with transportation providers; experience with airports is preferred.

Due Date:

February 27


Purchasing Office located on the sixth floor of City Hall, 222 West Main Street, Pensacola, Florida 32502.

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