Public Relations Agency Needed For Hempstead School


The mission of the Hempstead School District, a Long Island Model suburban-urban culturally diverse public school system is to ensure that students achieve personal growth and academic success and become productive citizens in a global society, by engaging students, staff, family and community in a comprehensive, challenging curriculum and effective instructional program which responds to each student’s needs and aspirations in a safe and nurturing environment.

Scope of Work:

1. Marketing / Public Relations Management team: 

a. Provide at least one full-time dedicated Public Relations Manager to work indistrict, with additional support for evening and weekend events, plus back office support for aggressive marketing and outreach.

b. Develop and implement strategies and programs to meet the DISTRICT public relations requirements.

c. Research and evaluation of the target audience for marketing purposes.

d. Provide consultation and guidance on all matters related to public relations and communications. The VENDOR shall be available, as needed, on a 24-hour, 7- day-a-week basis.

e. When directed by the DISTRICT, VENDOR will take the lead with the media during crisis or other important communication situations. During an emergency the VENDOR may act as the District’s Communications Officer.

f. Produce draft editions of monthly newsletters and budget editions for approval by the Superintendent of Schools.

g. Produce web-compliant versions of DISTRICT newsletters, the DISTRICT calendar, budget worksheets and/or other documents as directed or approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

h. Prepare press releases and take photographs of newsworthy DISTRICT events.

i. Attend school events and meetings, including Board of Education meetings as necessary to take photographs and prepare press releases.

j. Possess excellent communication skills and be able to work effectively with the Superintendent, Board of Education and all members of the DISTRICT community in order to implement established, desired outcomes regarding marketing and public relations. 

k. Maintain relations with assigned media outlets in order to facilitate consistent coverage of the DISTRICT activities in the local and regional electronic and print Page 6 of 19 media. Additional coverage shall be expected in appropriate industry publications and national educational publications, as needed. 

l. Develop, write, edit, and distribute press releases, follow up with media contacts, and develop special press releases and advisories for unique stories in order to secure daily and weekly newspaper, television, and other media coverage with District-approved media outlets. 

m. Maintain regular contact and excellent communications with administrative personnel in order to obtain needed information and to coordinate event coverage.

n. Provide consultation and assist with the development of a district-wide coordinated communications strategy.

o. Provide assistance and implementation of strategic action plans related to communicating the District’s educational goals and issues to local, state, and federal elected officials.

p. Provide communications training to administrative personnel, Board members, and other DISTRICT personnel as needed.

q. Prepare and edit all DISTRICT publications. Some examples include: Brochures, Course Selection Guides, School Maps, Concert Programs, Posters, Banners, Award Certificates, and Photos for insertion in DISTRICT publications.

Due Date:



Hempstead School District, Business Office, 100 Main St. 2nd Floor, Hempstead NY 11550

Relevant agencies to consider include Clarity PR and Rubenstein PR.

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