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As the year is slowly coming to an end, and while we still have more than three months to go, you know the top 100 lists are best savored early. Besides, closer to the end of the year we’ll have other things to focus on, like the Halloween, Thanks Giving, Black Friday and Christmas to mention the most popular. So we started our 100 lists series yesterday, with 100 iPad Apps for PRs and Small Biz and we continue today with a 100 PR and Marketing Articles You’ve Probably Missed list that will include everything from traditional PR, to how to articles, social media tips, news, analysis and more.

Sure, it is impossible to feature every article ever written, and we base our selection only on our personal knowledge. These are all articles we read this year, and they do not include articles from power sources like AdAge, Brian Solis and the like – I am sure you didn’t miss those. We do not compile a “best 100” but a “100 you’ve probably missed.” If you have an article you would like to recommend for our readers, please use the comments form below.

  1. What’s in Your New PR Toolkit?
  2. A planner’s guide to starting a PR career
  3. 60 Proven Ways to Increase Your Online Marketing Influence
  4. Analyzing Competitive Ad vs PR Spending
  5. Haiti: Public Relations War and Historical Symbolism
  6. 5 Step Small Business PR Plan for Today
  7. Finding Your Social Voice
  8. 10 Ways PR Practitioners Can Drive a Journalist Crazy
  9. Are PR pros tomorrow’s journalists? Ike Pigott explains the ‘embedded reporter’
  10. Make your “P.R.” Stand For “Perfect Resource”
  11. Agency vs. In-house PR: Choosing the path that is right for you
  12. Marketing and Public Relations: Why Your Company Needs Both
  13. The Difference Between Online PR and Traditional PR
  14. 5 Tips for Developing a PR Strategy
  15. Dating Advice for PR Pros
  16. 4 PR uses for the iPad
  17. Goldman Sachs and the Perils of PR Spin
  18. How to kill (bad) PR
  19. Getting real about Social Media, PR (and CSR)…
  20. Social Media: Advertising Vs. PR
  21. Good PR Measurement Is All About Good Goal Setting
  22. What Bloggers Should Know About PR And Advertising
  23. 3 Reasons PR & Communications Pros Need to Know SEO
  24. Creating a Social Media PR Strategy, Why It Matters & How You Can Do It
  25. Using Google Alerts in Public Relations
  26. Public Relations becomes Community Relations – Social Media
  27. The Press Release Isn’t Dead. No, Twitter Didn’t Kill It.
  28. The Seven Deadly Sins of PR
  29. Why are public relations professionals handling social media?
  30. Welcome To The Big League: How to Survive an Interview with a Top New York (NYC) PR Firm!
  31. Tips for Building Not For Profit Organizations Through Strategic Public Relations
  32. Five Steps to Strategic Social Media Management
  33. Introversion and Public Relations: How I Overcame My Shyness
  34. Why PR accreditation makes more sense than ever
  35. MAD WOMEN: PR Is Not Publicity
  36. Public Relations Trends
  37. The Private Nature of Public Relations
  38. How to Be a PR Rock Star in a Social Media World: The Changing Face of Public Relations
  39. 48 Guerrilla Marketing Tips from Top PR Pros
  40. Flashback Friday: Public relations ethics — in 5 minutes
  41. The Military’s Civilian PR Option
  42. The Future of Public Relations and Social Media
  43. Future of public relations and social media – the truth according to Mashable
  44. Thoughts on public relations blogging
  45. Taliban Suffers Blow in PR War
  46. The Function of Public Relations
  47. Subsidies: PR and perception management
  48. Public Relations Education In India:A pre-requisite for Professional Excellence
  49. The Public Relations Industry Has Lost a Hairy Leg of Its Strategic Stool
  50. What to Do When a PR Disaster Strikes Your Startup
  51. Why Blacklisting Reporters Always Backfires
  52. The importance of public relations and crisis management, business planning
  53. The Future of Public Relations: Seizing the Opportunity
  54. Using Blogs for Public Relations
  55. PR by Accident
  56. Public Relations’ Role in Navigating Polarized Media
  57. The Crisis in Crisis PR
  58. Crisis Averted: Four Corporate PR Comebacks
  59. So, you want to work in PR in China…
  60. Don’t Waste Money on a PR Firm: 4 Smarter Ways to Get Press
  61. Does Blogger Outreach Still Work?
  62. Create Your Own PR and News Buzz
  63. 5 tips for finding a community manager
  64. Corporate blogs and social networks: The experience of Ericsson France
  65. Q&A with a public relations professional
  66. Could public relations be the future of journalism? Maybe.
  67. Public Relations, Digital Media, and the new Chief Content Officer
  68. 4 Ways to Utilize Twitter for Public Relations
  69. The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases
  70. How Social Media has Changed the Face of Public Relations (and how your Business needs to Adapt!)
  71. Public Relations and the World
  72. Three Ways To Get New clients (or not)
  73. PR and marketing: integrate or divide and conquer?
  74. Ask-a-Journalist – Joe Griffin
  75. Public Relations: Offering Businesses A Competitive Advantage
  76. Social Media as The Perfect B2B Public Relations Tool
  77. Sky’s the Limit for Community Relations in Sports Marketing
  78. Crafting a Public Relations Message For Your Enterprise
  79. The Problem with Public Relations
  80. Public Relations for Small Businesses: Interview with Robb Deigh
  81. Learn How To Tend Your Public Relations Garden
  82. Public relations has a broad and flexible ability to educate key audiences about medical device companies’ capabilities
  83. How Twitter is Changing Public Relations
  84. Advertising vs. Public Relations: What’s the Difference?
  85. Issa’s Report on Obama’s First Year: Public Relations and Propaganda Initiatives
  86. Public Relations Links Galore
  87. Five Ways to Keep Current in Public Relations News & Trends
  88. Public Relations Myths | Any PR is Good PR
  89. Did HP Get Bad PR Advice?
  90. Seven Principles for Measuring PR Effectiveness
  91. Here’s A Little English To Doctor The Spin
  92. Europe Needs a Public Relations Makeover
  93. Propaganda – The Psychology of Public Relations
  94. Lack of measurement holding PR back
  95. Public Relations for Viral Culture
  96. The Sunday Word: Partisanship, Public Relations and Smartphones
  97. If a public relations firm declares a certain type of PR dead, does that automatically make it so?
  98. Monitoring Radio Placements for Public Relations – AQH vs. Cume.

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