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The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) issues this written Letter Solicitation on behalf of its Office of Public Affairs, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications (OPAC) to solicit Public Relations Services.

The District of Columbia Housing Authority (“DCHA”) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the District of Columbia by providing and effectively managing affordable housing, which is diverse, well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing for those whose circumstances prevent them from competing in the general marketplace. Besides operating over 8,300 units with public housing operating subsidy, DCHA also contracts over 14,000 private units through its Housing Choice Voucher Program (“HCVP”). DCHA has embarked on an ambitious program of development and redevelopment to create economically diverse communities and neighborhoods. DCHA is one of the most innovative housing authorities in the nation and is actively pursuing non-governmental sources of financing to promote HCVP homeownership assistance programs, project-based public housing subsidies, and implement more creative uses of its authority through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Move to Work (MTW) Demonstration Program.

In September 2019 the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA/Authority) unveiled “Our People, Our Plan, Our Portfolio”-a 20-Year Transformation Plan that presented a vision for uplifting residents out of poverty through human capital investments in social services, relocation assistance, entrepreneurship and job opportunities; the creation of neighborhoods and communities that support the educational and life opportunities for their children; and the expansion of affordable housing opportunities on its properties. The launch did not garner the attention or support anticipated from elected officials, affordable housing advocates or public housing residents. In the spring of 2021 DCHA will launch Transformation 2.0 to reframe the discussion around development of low income house and DCHA’s ability to develop it. The updated Transformation Plan will better explain the emerging trends and methods for financing and developing public housing and how federal and local government policies impact what can and cannot be accomplished. The plan will also start the process of changing public notions of how new sustainable funding models can lead to vibrant mixedincome communities.

Scope of Work:

Contractor shall provide services to create and implement a strategic public relations campaign to support earned media opportunities that promote the Agency, its top executive team and DCHA’s Transformation Plan (2.0), programs and properties. Contractor may be paired with another Public Relations, Creative/Marketing and/or Digital/Web Development team(s) to collaborate on an integrated marketing program designed to communicate understanding of the reality that most of the DCHA housing stock is over 50-years old and beyond repair. Contractor’s effort will also promote the exciting pathways offered to not only upgrade public housing stock but illustrate how DCHA is helping transform the lives of residents as the move toward self-sufficiency. Contractor’s primary work will include the following primary tasks:

Task 1: Collaborate with DCHA staff and other vendors to expand on the Agency’s draft Strategic Marketing Communications Plan, including:

• Conduct research including DCHA history and current situation analysis, history of federal housing policy and impact on development and location of public housing in DC, analysis of impact of racism on housing policy and community divisions;

• Research, develop and provide a SWOT Analysis;

• Research and identify target audience personality profiles;

• Assist in developing a budget for current and next fiscal year activities;

• Round-out Strategies and Tactics for earned media placement in local, national, business, real estate and housing industry outlets;

• Consult on social media strategy to identify and engage local community leaders and affordable housing advocates;

• Assist in the development of a crisis communication plan and any related holding statements, emergency action plans and related collateral materials.

Task 2: Collaborate with DCHA staff and vendors to provide advisement on the DCHA website, by assessing the current website and providing curated content to achieve DCHA communication goals.

Task 3: Execute various public relations tactics as necessary in accordance with DCHA’s Strategic Marketing Communications Plan and assist in response to any emerging issues that may impact the Agency, including unanticipated emergency/crisis situations.

Task 4: Monitor, measure, and report on effectiveness in reaching objectives and provide key findings to aid DCHA in future public relations planning.

Due Date:

May 30


Agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Makovsky PR.

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