Public Relations RFP Issued By Tahoe Transportation District

TTD realizes and accepts that what one says about us is eminently more powerful than what we may say about ourselves.

TTD’s Goal is to: 

§ Create awareness of TTD, our roles and responsibilities within the community and Tahoe stakeholders.

§ Create awareness of the project within the community and Tahoe stakeholders.

§ Communicate effectively with the diverse communities and stakeholders specifically providing clear, concise, and easy-to-understand project information to enable the public to make informed decisions. 

o Promote TTD’s approach to working with and bringing value to communities in the basin

o Promote the benefits of future improvements to Lake Tahoe through construction of the project

§ Tell the project’s story, keep track of the stakeholders’ opinions, identify patterns of media coverage, assess the attitudes of the public towards the project approach, support consensus-building among community leadership, and understand the project’s history, elements, and benefits.

§ Develop messaging and practices that helps TTD’s team to promote confidence and trust in agency actions.

Successful Applicant’s Role 

§ Work with TTD and other partner agencies to build new and strengthen existing networks that support the development of multi-sector collaborations with shared priorities that ensure a smooth project development and implementation 

§ Develop a impactful messaging for the project that reflects the project’s benefits and the value of TTD management

§ Project the project’s benefits and TTD’s role in delivering the project through various media outlets and public outreach methods

§ Build awareness of the benefits of the project that can reach visitors; local, regional, state, federal elected officials; and other Tahoe stakeholders

Required Qualifications 

§ Public relations specific to large transportation projects; successful experience at Lake Tahoe is a plus

§ Successful message development that serves as an anchor for all other activities and efforts

§ Knowledge of political processes, voter opinion, and campaign insight

§ Knowledge of the Lake Tahoe Basin demographics, political structures, governance structures, and media

§ Experience working with public agencies

§ Knowledge of the Tahoe visitor and travel behavior, specifically related to recreational travel

§ Demonstrate a creative approach to education and influencing perceptions of public projects

§ Social media development, management, and reporting experience for public agencies/projects

§ Demonstrate public noticing and outreach to meet the needs of the community, including non-English speaking communities

§ Demonstrate success with past public relations education campaigns, including collateral materials (brochures, fact sheets, etc.) developed


The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is seeking the services of a qualified firm or firms to assist in public relations and community outreach for the US 50/ South Shore Community Revitalization Project. Successful program implementation in the Lake Tahoe region involves understanding and communicating within the layered political environment of Lake Tahoe and influential systems of the general public, private sector, local government, state governments, and federal government. Projects and transportation services are often inter-jurisdictional and are used by resident and Tahoe’s significant visitor population. A successful community outreach program requires professional service that understands this complex environment and how to successfully communicate with the varied audiences of interest. Proposals will be accepted from firms that demonstrate competence and experience in all areas of expertise required by the scope of services, including but not limited to: community outreach; social media management; public relations;, message development and delivery; event communication; graphic, print, and oral communication; and prioritizing multi-phased communication campaigns. The prime consultant in response to this RFP shall be a firm, organization or vendor licensed to conduct business in their respective disciplines in the State of California and Nevada. TTD reserves the right to award any number of contracts it deems necessary. This RFP does not commit TTD to award a contract. TTD reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals. No proposal shall be binding upon TTD until after a contract is executed by duly authorized representatives of TTD and the selected consultant. No minimum amount of work is implied or guaranteed under the contract.

Scope of Work:


§ Message development and delivery of the overall strategy

§ Regular ongoing meetings with the TTD staff and relevant stakeholders to ensure approval of any new, revised or ongoing key message development.

§ Submit an Outreach Plan for TTD approval detailing the messaging, approach, and expected results within 20 business days of Notice to Proceed.

Media Relations 

§ Offer consistent communications while pushing out project messaging

§ Draft and distribute all press releases, media announcements to trade publications, trade/business organizations, community groups/advocates and general news outlets, etc.

§ Monitor all media coverage of the project and related topics

§ Vetting of media inquiries, as well as facilitation and coordination of valuable media opportunities, interviews and familiarization tours

§ Be the media liaison and keeping all relevant information organized – meetings, conference or phone calls, etc.

§ Pitching – personally contact editors and reporters for project coverage

§ Media Kit Development

§ Ongoing message-specific campaign to targeted media outlets

§ Tracking, review and clipping of media coverage

§ Draft 30 second Public Service Announcements(PSAs) and distribute to area radio stations, secure runs

§ Updating of any relevant articles and references to TTD in trade, community and other member-based organizations

§ Coordinate with project manager, district manager, and board members as needed Community Relations

§ Identification and facilitation of new community, business and agency partnerships designed to further the goals of the District and support existing projects and programs

§ Outreach and relationship building with targeted community groups/advocates, stakeholders, relevant local businesses, non-governmental organizations, and other potential partners

§ Target regions where additional local and regional outreach is necessary for message penetration to current residents and stakeholders

§ Manage and act on all publicity opportunities such as community events, holidays, editorial calendars, etc.

§ Continued, regular communication, meetings and brainstorming with TTD, its current partners, targeted stakeholders and the community at large Public Events

§ Coordination of regular and special events and meetings geared towards locals and partners as a vehicle to increase exposure of the project

§ Facilitation of community workshops in each project area to establish an open line of communication between elected officials and their constituents

§ Facilitate meeting with boards and relevant organizations to message the project and/or event attendance/coverage

§ Coordinate media attendance and management at events Internal Communications

§ Internal outreach integration facilitated through communications with staff and Board of Directors



§ Review and update social media strategy and approach in order to develop a full spectrum of social media management to reach desired audiences

§ Management of social media presence regarding the project to ensure consistent messaging and relevant content

§ Identification of new and viable platforms to utilize and integrate into the plan including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


§ Provide project information in web ready formats for TTD use in keeping the general public informed. Consultant is not responsible for hosting, or maintaining a website, but will be responsible only for supplying web ready documents 

§ Assume monthly website updates


§ Develop a project Facebook page and support it through the closeout of the project

§ Include frequent project posts and factual responses to comments

§ Limited re-posted content and provide context with any re-posted comment


§ Develop Twitter as a source for ‘breaking news’ on the project

§ Limit overall traffic to reduce over saturation and retain relevance

§ Re-tweet only items that are project specific and provide context with and retweeted content Instagram

§ Use all the visual marketing features

§ Create or re-share striking project visuals to educate

§ Use imagery to communicate the positive aspects of the project

§ Engage With Customers Where They Spend Their Time

§ Build Up User-Generated Content


§ Maintain an email database of interested parties to include individuals, interest groups, non-government organizations (NGOs), officials, and businesses

§ Develop tactics and themes for email outreach efforts in support of the project

§ Implement data collection initiatives to increase database totals and targeted reach

Due Date:

3:00 p.m. on Monday, August 31, 2020


Tahoe Transportation District P.O. Box 499 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

Strong tourism PR agencies include 5WPR and Hunter PR.

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