Top 100 PR Websites and Resources

top public relations resource websites

As we promised, we bring you today a list of the most important PR websites and resources of the year. Twitter, Google Wave, Bing, and Facebook will of course have important presences in this top, but we will also include the classic PR “go to” sites like PRWeb, social media sites, business and finance and so on. We base our selection on what we personally reviewed and tested, the resources we use every day to monitor the media, and also on what we use in our PR endeavors for our customers. Today we offer you the first 50 sites, best in the following categories: News, Business and Finance, PR News, PR Blogs and Social Media.

News Websites

  1. CNN, the absolute leader in online news and information delivery (based on popularity and traffic stats), features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information.
  2. Yahoo! News – a convenient place to find headlines from local to world news sources across the Internet. More popular than Google News, Yahoo! News is more than a news search engine.
  3. The New York Times – still the reference for professional journalism standards, and still one of the most popular news publishers in the World.
  4. USA Today – it doesn’t need more introductions. Ideal for US news, it has however a very well researched international coverage too.
  5. BBC – delivers news in 32 languages, an amazing network of information globally. In adittion, the BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world.
  6. Reuters – reliable, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information.
  7. The Washington Post – news and video on politics, national, federal government, foreign policy, business, green issues, science and more.
  8. Google News – a news search engine, with some cool features not many know of (like Fast Flip), indicative of what the world is interested in (displaying most popular stories based on its own algorithms).
  9. The Huffington Post – coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, and comedy, and is a top destination for news, blogs and original content.
  10. FOXNews – when everything above fails, this is the only valid alternative.

Business and Finance

  1. CNN Money – business news and financial market coverage updated throughout the day, along with stock quotes, investing and personal finance advice, tools, lists & archival magazine content.
  2. Yahoo! Finance – free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards, and mortgage rates.
  3. Forbes – online source for the latest business and financial news and analysis. Covering personal finance, lifestyle, technology and stock markets.
  4. Bloomberg and BusinessWeek – since BusinessWeek sold to Bloomberg this year, we can safely include them both on the same link. Bloomberg was already regarded as the premier site for news and financial information, and BusinessWeek still keeps its profile, featuring the latest international business news & stock market news, company profiles, financial advice, global economy and technology news.
  5. Bizjournals – the online media division of American City Business Journals, the nation’s largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers. It features local business news from around the nation, updated throughout the day, top business stories from American City’s print editions, industry-specific news from more than 40 industries, advice columns, and a full menu of tools to help business owners and operators manage their businesses more successfully.
  6. MSN Money – not very thrilled to add an MSN venture to the list, however, we cannot ignore a quality resource. This is a comprehensive source for money and personal finance needs, ideal for business and private use.
  7. CNBC – features the latest stock market news, information and headlines, up to date business news as well as financial and earnings news.
  8. MarketWatch – a financial information website that provides business news, analysis and stock market data; offers personal finance news and advice, tools for investors and access to industry research. Along with its flagship website, the company operates and the stock market simulation site
  9. Entrepreneur – information to help start, grow or manage a small business.
  10. – offers resources including how-to articles, business forms, contracts and agreements, expert advice, blogs, business news, business directory listings, product comparisons, business guides, a business association and more.

PR and Marketing News Sites

  1. AdAge – the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities. Our top favorite as well.
  2. Alltop PR – indexes various PR resources, randomly categorized, submitted by website owners and approved only if they meet a set of quality requirements.
  3. PRSA – the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals. It has an extensive network of periodicals, daily news updates and blogs and a vast, easily searchable database that gives instant access to research, articles, white papers and Silver Anvil Award-winning program case studies organized by subject, industry and business outcome.
  4. PR Week – news, reviews, profiles, techniques, and timely research for in-house and agency professionals. The annual PRWeek Awards honor the best campaigns, companies and people in the industry.
  5. PR News Online – describes itself as the “blueprint for the strategies, tactics and insights you need to become an even more effective and successful communicator.”
  6. Topix Public Relations News – somehow it manages to index high quality titles in the industry. Refined, focused, very useful.
  7. Brand Republic – one of the best online business portals for the advertising, media, marketing and PR industries. It aims to keep the people who work in those sectors informed, educated and connected with each other.
  8. Everything PR – hopefully you already know who we are and what we do. If you don’t, stick around.
  9. Marketing Magazine UK – ideal for European marketing news and analysis, exclusive industry data, such as Adwatch poll of which TV ads consumers recall, league tables of the biggest marketing services agencies and rankings of the biggest-spending advertisers and brands. There are also dedicated news sections for digital, media, branding and direct, plus features that explore the cutting-edge issues facing the sector.
  10. BrandWeek – everything from online marketing, CMO news to increasing brand loyalty analysis and news coverage.

PR and Media Blogs

  1. PR 2.0 by Brian Solis – is among the top 1.5% of all blogs tracked by Technorati and is ranked as one of the leading voices in the Ad Age Power 150 index of worldwide marketing bloggers.
  2. Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence Blog – more than a blog. It actually aggregates all Ogilvy PR Twitter feeds, video and pics, blog network, portfolio of best practices, the events they will attend and job openings.
  3. Deirdre Breakenridge – social networking, blogging, microblogging, podcasting, streaming video, RSS technology and how communications is changing the way that businesses need to think in order to fully take advantage of community networking.
  4. PR Sarah Evans – pink and classy. Sarah is a “social media freak,” who initiated and moderates #journchat, the top-trending weekly live chat between PR professionals, journalists and bloggers on the microblogging platform, Twitter.
  5. The Bad Pitch Blog by Richard Laermer – PR professionals should read this more often. It teaches them what NOT to do when pitching a media source, journalist or blogger.
  6. Richard Edelman – a veteran in PR, extremely busy and too important, but the man still finds time to write.
  7. Chris Brogan – the most powerful voice in communication and social media, a ten year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  8. Marketing Pilgrim – brings the latest news, rumors and reviews of all things related to internet marketing and online advertising.
  9. Online Marketing Blog – provides insights, resources and commentary on a range of digital marketing and public relations topics including: search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, business blogging and marketing and online public relations.
  10. Dosh Dosh – internet marketing and blogging tips, alongside social media strategies. Best consumed by bloggers, entrepreneurs, web publishers, marketers, freelancers and small business owners.

Social Media and Social Bookmarking

  1. Twitter – needs no introduction.
  2. Facebook – is a a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. It finally shows potential.
  3. Digg – surviving… stubbornly. Still popular, and still managing to bring out the best stuff on the Web, as voted on by the users.
  4. Yahoo! Buzz – new and trendy, more popular than Mixx, Propeller and a few others. Like Digg, it brings out Web’s most remarkable stories, determined by the users who vote.
  5. Reddit and Delicious – probably unfair to include them in the same place, but they are not that different. Delicious managed to improve its aesthetics a bit. Both bookmarking sites.
  6. Newswine – smart news networking, brings together big and little media in a way which respects established journalism and empowers the individual at the same time.
  7. Dzone – free link-sharing community for developers, ideal for the PR industry to understand the tech audience.
  8. Diigo – research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.
  9. Business Exchange – by BusinessWeek, content aggregator for business professionals. We already reviewed this, please follow this link for more information.
  10. LinkedIn – networking tool that helps users discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners.


  1. Mihaela Lica says

    CJ, make sure you don’t come back. It would be a waste of time.

    As far as selling HARO at Everything PR goes, comments closed.

  2. CJ says

    HARO is social media phenomenon that is well-documented in the media. I would personally think twice about hiring any PR professional who hadn’t used it. I used the service earlier this year to get my company in The New York Times. Also, The Wall Street Journal is indispensable to me as PR professional and everyone else in the world who needs to know what is going on in business, finance, and many other segments. I cannot imagine why it was left off this list.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi CJ, Only because we did not use it and have not tested it. It would be like giving a recommendation for a job to someone you did not know and had never met – to your boss.


  3. Gail Kent says

    And yet another one to consider: . I’m for promoting any alternative to HARO.

  4. Mihaela Lica says

    @Gail Kent – thank you for the tip, Gail. Noted and we will consider reviewing it in the near future. :)

  5. Mihaela Lica says

    @Jill Ross – your comment was deleted. Please read the comments policy and refrain from personal attacks. Your IP is banned, as well.

  6. Gail Kent says

    A national query service that you might want to consider for the future is They offer free queries from national writers looking for sources, and their online media kits (not free) are a great service for grabbing the national media light. (I put one of my clients on, and she got almost immediate attention.) And they are very nice people, to boot, which shows that you don’t have to act like a jerk to provide a great service.

  7. Mihaela Lica says

    @Peter Shankman. Sir, social media is about respect and collaboration. You came here to attack something because it did not include your product, and you continue to attack the authors and this site. That in itself is a mistake. Even more, you send people to “help out” – at least this shows you have many friends, and I am happy for you, although you have a pretty nasty attitude towards your colleagues and your defenders will learn this the hard way, sooner or later. It may come as a surprise to you, but Liliana is a colleague. You don’t need to work in the same building to be colleagues, you share the same line of work. We did not attack HARO, we mentioned that we will “test” (yes, meaning we will sign up and use) it. How can we include something we are not familiar with? And instead of giving us the chance to actually understand your product, you continue in the same tone. Why on earth did you call your product help a reporter out is my question. You obviously are not helping here. You are not even helping yourself. You are arrogant, self important, self centered and asocial. This is my impression after reading your first comment, and your second.

    @everyone else: please understand, we were familiar that HARO existed. However, since we never used, never signed up as the owner says, we cannot include it this time.

    @Thom Brodeur – you are a true professional. I never changed my mind about HARO, I do intend to review it in a future, in-depth entry. As we stated, Thom, we have a lot planned for next year. This time this is the best we could do. Please discuss with your boss about the attitude.

  8. Gail Kent says

    I’m glad that someone finally called out Peter Shankman at HARO. The attitude that you picked up in his short comment post is the REAL Peter Shankman. He threatened me with legal action because I started a small, local media service in Virginia, called Hampton Roads Media Connectionz that is completely free and does not make a dime, unlike his overly hyped HARO that he professes to do for “karma.” What karma? He makes thousands with each email from selling sponsorships. And the funny thing is, I met Peter at a conference in LA and personally TOLD him I was doing this, but he was so eager to scan other people behind me to find someone more interesting (read younger and sexier) to interract with, that he did not hear a word I said. He barely acknowledged me with a weak smile and a nod of the head and then dismissed me. His schtick is to show up at events and announce, “anyone interested in buying me dinner — or a drink” like he’s a rock star. Later when he discovered I had launched my site ), he accused me of “stealing” his code (I didn’t) and black balled me from getting his query list (I resubscribed under an alias). When I discussed my site with him, he seemed to back down, but then A YEAR later, he had a lawyer email me a threatening letter demanding that I put a disclaimer on my site that it was not affiliated with him or HARO, and demanding that I take off my reference to him on the site where I gave him cudos for the inspiration and referred people interested in national leads to subscribe to his site. I gladly took off the referral to him, added the disclaimer and sent him a nasty response. Why would I want to promote somebody like this? Peter Shankman may be one of the internet darlings today, but what goes around comes around. I’m thrilled that somebody is finally standing up to him.

  9. says

    First, this is a nice list. I do agree with several of the resources listed here, particularly the PR/marketing sites and blogs, since some of those might be lesser known resources for PR professionals.

    However, I must agree with Kristin, and furthermore Peter, about my surprise over HARO not being included in this list. I’ve read the comments – you can’t review everything, you didn’t review it, etc. But my question is, “Why?” As a news blogger, it’s brought me amazing sources. As a former PR person, which I realize is the focus of your list, it brought me amazing story opportunities and connections I might not have otherwise gained. Sure, the wrapper and presentation isn’t fancy, but I tend to be one of those old-fashioned people who values substance over sparkle.

    The other thing that struck me was how aggressive / snarky you are being with the people that come to your blog to express an opinion. Sardonic humor is all right, but attacks because people don’t agree with you? You’re the hosts of this blog. Would you invite people to a dinner party and then punch someone in the face who might not finish his or her salad? Maybe you had good reasons for not including HARO in the list (though I am still surprised it wasn’t reviewed), but any of those reasons are now lost within the childish post responses. I agree with Kristin. You guys initiated the tone of the comment section of this blog post when you laid into her. Why are the people who followed suddenly “unprofessional”?

    The sad thing is, this *is* a nice list. But you’ve damaged your credibility by showing that you don’t understand how to integrate yourselves into the community you serve. You say you’re trying to help, yet come across as a defensive group of teenagers when disagreement arises. Why should any PR people want to follow that path?

    Just some food for thought.

  10. says

    I am not a PR person, but I know kind of a “who’s who” in the PR field. I have had very little success in PR for my business until I ran across HARO and this Shankman guy. Utilizing a list that has over a 90% open rate is unheard of. 110,000 people have signed up to have it sent to them 3 times a day. I thought it was to good to be true. Long story short, I sponsored a newsletter and made my money back in an afternoon.

    I respect that you guys are trying to provide a service and I respect what you do. I am not attacking you. I question the validity of your list when the gretest source of PR I have ever found by a long shot, is omitted

    I definetely have a vested interest in HARO, because not only have I been an advertiser I have had the luxury ov being used as a source. This has allowed me to be published in various books and major newspapers–for free.

    We all need HARO.

    Michael Jordan

  11. says

    Hi Phil, Liliana and others,

    Thom Brodeur here. In the interest of full disclosure…I am the COO of HARO. First, before any of the other comments I’d like to make, I’d like to say this…Liliana — I LOVE YOUR NAME. It’s truly one of my favorites. One of my closest friends throughout high school shared your name. It is rare, so I felt it worth noting. No accidents as far as I’m concerned.

    In fairness to your list, and the parameters you’ve defined, I can see why HARO wouldn’t have been included. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish that hadn’t been the case, but I understand it. HARO carries a very similar policy when it comes to who we allow to advertise on HARO…in an overwhelming majority of cases we like to taste test, use, or at a minimum “see the whites of the eyes” of what we write about there – part of the charm of HARO and value to our sponsors. So, to that end, I ‘get’ exactly what you’re saying. I would argue against the notion Mihaela suggests that HARO cannot be considered social media. Oddly enough that’s precisely what HARO is…a community of active and engaged journalists, sources and small businesses and entrepreneurs who all come together to connect. Journalists leverage HARO for free access to mainstreet and expert sources (and there are tens of thousands of them who do so regularly). Mainstreet and ‘expert’ sources (to the tune of nearly 100,000 of them) use HARO every week and offer themselves up as resources to the media. Thousands more small business owners and entrepreneurs promote their products and services directly on thrice-daily distributed HAROs to build their brands, generate demand and sell their products and services. This is an active community of folks who just happen to use an email news digest as a means of connecting. I love my boss, and his passion for the phenomenon he has built, but I have a more pragmatic view of the fact that not EVERY PR professional on the planet has actively used HARO — frankly, our failure to be ‘known’ to you guys is more my fault than anyone’s. But, we hope to fix that.

    Phil – I do hope you’ll reconsider your most recent position on taking the time to indeed review HARO and see how it may be useful to you, Liliana and your other colleagues. Moreover, perhaps this exercise and the experience of publishing your ‘first’ list may well inform a new (or other) categories that could include services like HARO in the future. I, for one, am pleased that you didn’t lump us into the “blog” category. We’re not that. So, we would have no business being listed along the likes of Brian Solis, Deirdre or Chris’ category. Now Peter Shankman, the man…HE may be a different story for that category…quite a prolific blogger, tweeter and influencer in social media circles, but HARO stands on its own, and I appreciate your recognition of that.

    And, Phil – as for the branding criticism. You’re right. We’re working on it, and in three short weeks you’re going to see a new and improved “landing” for HARO that I think you will be quite pleased with.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

    • Phil Butler says

      Thom, Thanks for clarifying your company’s position. I least of all want to deprive people of tools that will help them. I made a valid criticism, tried to explain our situation, and look where it got us. You offer the gauged response where something positive could come out of this for consumers and your company. We do not want anyone to bend over backward to get reviewed, we have so many who see stories like this and email or call us to look at them. Instead of that though, the trolls start flowing in. As for Peter? Well, you see his disdain and threatening tone.

      Let’s see where we are here. We do a list that does not even include Edelman, for reasons I won’t go into. We did not include ourselves, because our corporate site is awful for the moment and we obviously do not have the reach some of these others do. Then Peter drops by like freaking Darth vader expecting someone to shiver in their Jedi boots because he has some readers? I will not say what I am thinking, though I probably should.

      I will reconsider testing this for two reasons. First, because at least one person at your company (you) knows how to speak with a civil tongue in his mouth. Secondly, because if it is as good as you say it is, some of our constituents might benefit from it. But, let me clear about something else. I firmly believe that any company is really a mirror reflection of the people behind it, the company is really about the people. That given, a big part of your operation is not very nice, and arrogant as hell. Short advice for any of our PR constituents right now? I would point directly to these comments.


  12. says

    Maybe you guys don’t know Peter well enough to see through his tone and understand his intent.

    That said, there are few tools / sites / whatevers that are more influential in the PR world. Not to add any fuel to the fire, but I would have found a category for them, or created a “Misc.” category for things that don’t fit neatly into another category.

    But without a doubt, no list of 100 PR anythings is complete without a mention of “”

    Just my two cents. Thanks to Mr. Shankman for a great service.

    • Phil Butler says

      Thanks for the appropriate comment Digital. However, in case you did not notice the list clearly states that we covered only those platforms we had experience with. If this platform were Wikipedia, and we had no knowledge of it, we would not mention it. What is being asked here, is for a publication to include something they know little or nothing about? What is expected then? To just regurgitate that company’s jargon and call it true? What is that? A lie? I hope you see the point. I made the criticism on the landing of that platform for a reason. If I had not used it, and ran across an article on PRWeek about it, I would not give it a second look because of the online branding element of the landing. Then their head honcho comes and criticizes me for making a valid comment? I hope you see that too.

      As you can also see, any number of people have come in support of this platform. I hope you know what that is about too. Our reader base is far too eclectic for this to happen naturally. We did not target this story like that. We are as willing as anyone to help and highlight great innovation. But when I have personally criticized some of the most powerful PR companies in the world, and then they make changes and ask for feeback – in a nice way – do you expect me to jump through hoops for people who insult me? I am just being honest here.


  13. says

    I guess the part that scares me the most is that you claim to never have tested HARO. That’s kind of like a mechanic saying he’s never changed a tire. This is HARO. No offense (especially to Liliana, who, seriously, if you’re going to post on the Internet, you should probably get a thicker skin…)

    HARO isn’t defining Pi. You’ve never “tested” it? In other words, you’ve never signed up. And if you’re calling yourselves “Everything PR,” I’m kind of curious why you haven’t heard of the #1 source repository on the Internet. And my friends, that’s not me saying that. That’s Media Bistro. That’s Forbes. That’s Fortune. That’s Reuters. That’s… Well, a lot of people. Who have used HARO. And they’re not calling themselves “everything,” anything.

    Like I said – Hey, it’s your list. Feel free to rank whatever you like. Just seems kind of strange, though. I’d be curious to see what my over 100,000 readers (daily readers) think of your list.

    All the best,

    -Peter Shankman

    PS: I run HARO – So of course, I have a vested interest – but more importantly, I’m curious as to whether anyone other than yourselves have ever dubbed you “everything PR.”

    • Phil Butler says

      Well, I need not say much more Peter. Your innovation may be the next generation of the wheel, but I knew nothing of it and Liliana did not see fit to include it. Now you come to suggest we are liars? If we called ourselves “Everything Universe” and had only discovered 700 new galaxies, would that make us less or more like our intended schema? As for our Everything PR universe, we are still exploring, it implies that we are trying to include – which become painfully difficult when one runs across abrasive sorts.

      I expect many of your 100,000 readers are very intelligent, so I am not worried about that. I am worried that you would come here and threaten me. Where the hell do you people come from? Between you and this other “self made what’s his face” (I will not mention his name again) I am amazed you guys are still walking around if you treat people like this in the real world. Do your darnedest dude.

      Adios .. Phil

  14. Sarah Evans says

    I must also share my vote for HARO. It has been a top PR resource for me! Thank you, Peter. :)

  15. Katie says


    For someone who works in PR, you really seem to know NOTHING about personal branding. Do you really like portraying yourself as such a conceited, self-serving asshole? Get over yourself- you can’t be included in EVERY list on EVERY PR blog ever. And all this coming from someone who claims to “not be self-promotional”. You and your minions need to learn a little respect.

  16. Kristin says

    Again, I have zero connection to HARO, but I find all of your responses very humorous in light of the fact that all of you hammered me and were totally sarcastic when I sent my initial post. I took the high road and ignored the rude comments that each of you made – see above if you aren’t sure what I mean. Ironic.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Kristen,

      It looks like you had a notifier in place on this too. I think that readers here are a little higher on the intellectual scale than to image they do not notice things. If I was overly sarcastic I am sorry. Your intro was perhaps too pro I think. “I cannot believe, or I am amazed, tends to make someone think there is a vested interest when there may not be one. For that, I was over reactive I will admit. These types of reactions happen every time anyone does a list. The ones not mentioned spam the heck out of the story to get their pitch in, often through collaborators. So, if you were somehow identified as such, I am sorry for that too. I am sure you just signed up for notification and followed these comments because you love the application. This happens too.

      Any way, thanks for commenting and bringing this to our attention. We really were going to review this based on your suggestion – and then.


  17. Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

    @Sarah – thank you, Sarah. It means a lot to me to see that a professional of your caliber appreciates our effort.

  18. Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

    @Peter – I am offended by your attitude, and I will not, personally, even consider the site for a future review. I doubt the ethics behind your product – how do you help a reporter out when you come to respond with a club (little cave man image comes to mind)?

    You didn’t read the beginning of the post, did you? “We base our selection on what we personally reviewed and tested, the resources we use every day to monitor the media,” – while we are aware that HARO exists, we have never used it.

  19. says

    It’s ok if you don’t know what HARO is – that’s… well, if you’re in PR, that’s not really understandable, per se, but I can only assume that the only reason you didn’t mention it is because you weren’t aware of it. – the largest source repository in the world connecting journalists, PR professionals, and small businesses. Started on Facebook (if you’re not familiar, Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA site) and moved to the web – with over 100,000 sources and over 50,000 journalists using it – Really? It doesn’t fit into this list?

    Sorry – no offense – and yes, I’m biased – but still – I really question the validity of this list.

    PS: Oh wait – I just read your reasons! Ah! It has to be a WEBSITE! Of course! Only WEBSITES are social media. Not email lists (the largest of its kind in the world…) So I guess you’re excluding all mobile devices, all text… Really? Twitter works? You know 90% of people use Twitter on things OTHER than the website, right?

    A little short-sighted to me, but hey, it’s your list.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Peter,

      Well I guess you told us. You know, we do these things to help believe it or not. We offered to test your services, offered some reasons why your service was not on the list, what else do you want? Oh, I know! This is the “nanny nanny boo boo” pitch. We cannot recommend things we have not looked into, and I am sorry we have not assigned 10 beta testers to scour the web for every email list or supposed media magic wand there is to make people millions. For me, I have tested something like 2,500 startups and never heard of your application. My partner, being our resident PR expert, has however heard of your product, but sadly has not had time to review it.

      I made a nice mention of your blog and your knowledge, but I could not know your attitude – until now. To be honest, and I mean perfectly honest, I would not buy ice cubes from you if I were trapped in the pit of hell after this. What is wrong with a gauged response, an adult one? I poked some criticism of your landing, which was valid, and that is about all I offered which was of any real negative impact. If I went to leave feedback on any of your publications, I certainly would try to understand a little more before showing my behind.

      The no offense part of your little pissy response is meaningless. A corporate business entity which comes to piss and moan, is for me (and every, single, other viable, business, operation, which, has, the slightest, credibility) not a serious company. I hope you take this really personal too, because I was intending to personally approach you to do a thorough test and review of your product. Now, to be painfully transparent, I am pissed. Smoke that pipe then. I hope the opportunity cost of that one sits well. Maybe you will take the world by storm one of these days and we will be compelled to tell our readers “you are da man”, until that time (and I doubt even then) your company does not exist for us.

      I do not usually react like this, so maybe this will be indicative to other companies where social media and networking is going. We have to be honest, so there it is. Via Con Dios.


      Phil Butler – ever time

  20. Sarah Evans says

    Thank you so much for including my blog and for doing the research necessary for such a list. I’m sharing your post in my daily research e-blast today. Nicely done!

  21. Mihaela Lica says

    Kristin, HARO cannot be regarded as social media – please note the specific of all the tools listed as such. We will, of course check them out, and review them extensively.

  22. Kristin Miskovsky says

    Honestly, I am not advocating for it to be including, I was just very surprised that it wasn’t. I think if you check them out you will love them. Have a great day.

    • Phil Butler says

      You too Kristin, Did not mean to sound short. Just we receive and unbelievable amount of mail and feeback with regard to things not mentioned. We will check them out and thanks for your suggestions.


  23. Kristin Miskovsky says

    Wow, had no idea that my post would create such a stir. Liliana, you asked in which section I would put it. I would put it in the social media section. They are on twitter, facebook and also provide push emails with journalist queries. I have secured NUMEROUS national media hits for my clients using HARO. And the best part is that it is free. You could really just put it under the title because it is definitely one of the top PR resources of 2009. BTW, just to be clear – I have absolutely no affiliation with them. I have just observed them this year and am really impressed.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Kristen,

      I would not put it in social media as it does not fit that profile strictly enough. Perhaps PR tools? We will have to test it before we can have a more compartmentalized view.


    • Phil Butler says

      John, Malcolm Hyde is a friend and former client who make some of the world’s finest Ultra Fi sound components in the world. Here is his site in case you need an amplifier with absolutely perfect musical clarity. :)


  24. john says

    FIY, I am dumbfounded that you forgot Laura Spence, my favorite author. Or you don’t know who is writing for you?

    • Phil Butler says

      John, Thanks for being on top of this. Actually I forgot Laura SpencER our expert social media editor. :)


  25. john says

    many of these have multiple authors. So what? They are here, aren’t they? Gosh, the nerve on some people!

    • Phil Butler says

      LOL, The next list will include all 6.5 billion people on the planet, their dogs, cats, pet mice, favorite sweater, ice cream, home address, shoe size, contact lens prescription (if applicable), sexual preference (if any), their dog or cats sexual preference, caloric consumption, IQ (if any), political affiliation, favorite movie, and last but not least any chromosomal weaknesses in their DNA. :)

      Phil and my comment editor Mihaela, our PR press author Genesis, Kristen Nicole the technology and social media expert, Lisa and Lorri the trend beat reporters, Lilliana – the controversial editorial author, all our children, and Macolm Hyde our resident Ulta Fi friend. :)

  26. Mihaela Lica says

    @Karen& others – it’s not Kevin’s case (this was an accidental omission) – we omitted MANY PR sites WE DO NOT endorse, for various reasons – ETHICS being the most important one, and categorization being the second concern. Note that this is an Everything PR top 100. If you don’t like it, the world is a free place, make your own. I am sorry if this doesn’t sound very polite, but the disclaimer is already there:

    “We base our selection on what we personally reviewed and tested, the resources we use every day to monitor the media, and also on what we use in our PR endeavors for our customers.”

    There is also a second part of the top here: – and no, HARO is still not included, because we do not endorse it, nor use it or have we ever reviewed it. We will review it, and include it as a recommendation another time, if, and only if, we consider fit.

  27. Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

    I know, Karen. It took me a long time to put up this resource, and I really didn’t have time to add every single author of a site. I am sure Kevin doesn’t mind though. I hope you found some value in this list though, aside your need to “teach.”

  28. Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

    Love your term “dumbfounded.” Sorry, but HARO does not fit in any of the categories. Where would you place it?

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Kristin, If I were to review HARO this moment, on the face of it, their score would be right in there with some of the lower case ones. The landing is terrible for one thing, an online branding nightmare. Peter Shankman’s linked to site had some nice elements and good data as well, but there is some “hypish” talk there like some of the less transparent tools. Calling something a “Premier” anything when the startup or service is Alex ten zillion is not exactly spot on description.

      Of course a great book sometimes comes in a dusty cover, but any review from me would include these issues. The blog on the other hand is full of great information and news which would help any PR professional. It also appears to be heavy in conversation, which is a huge plus if PR people want to see into the trenches. How’s that for a 60 second review? We will be happy to review HARO obviously.


  29. James Baxter says

    Yahoo! News surprised me as second on the news list. Wow.

    James Baxter
    Cool Brands of Britain

    • Liliana Dumitru-Steffens says

      Yahoo! News is actually the most popular news source in the world. I am surprised at your surprise. :)