Q &A with Tara Ackaway, CEO of Social Wise Communications

In this exclusive interview Tara Ackaway of Social Wise Communications shares an inside look at her company values, mission and daily inspirations.  

Fueled with ambition, big dreams and an open mind, Tara Ackaway, CEO and founder of Social Wise Communications headed to The Upper West Side in Manhattan to tackle the first day of a powerful internship in television. She was anxious to enter the big apple, unsure of what her time in New York City would amount to.  Little did she know that internship would act as a stepping stone to various entertainment and media opportunities and would eventually propel her to launch Social Wise Communications right out of college.

What makes Social Wise Communications unique? Please share more about your company and its core values.

Social Wise Communications is a boutique public relations and social media branding company based in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey. The company launched in 2016 and currently represents television personalities, influencers, food and beverage companies, startups, non-profit organizations, products, authors and more. The Social Wise team is made up of innovative talent that unanimously agree on the importance of being recognized and relevant in the modern media landscape. Together, we work tirelessly to offer a fresh perspective into the world of public relations and digital media exceeding all client expectations and company goals.

How has Social Wise Communications evolved over the years?

What started as a one woman operation has since evolved into a team of five and growing. There are many benefits to working with a small team which is why Social Wise has not expanded too quickly. Since its inception, a rigorous and competitive internship program has been offered giving college students the opportunity to be mentored by me, someone who was in their shoes not too long ago. Social Wise interns receive real world experience, interact with clients and have a taste of what the daily life of a publicist is like. A big motivation for creating the internship program stemmed from the impact and influence my previous internships had on me and the success of my company. Everyone on the team is treated equally with full respect, titles are eliminated and creativity is welcomed. No coffee runs for Social Wise interns, only real life PR work.

What does a typical day in the life of a publicist look like?

One of the major goals of Social Wise is to form real, meaningful relationships with our clients and the media. My team and I genuinely want to help the people who sign on, and believe in their causes or businesses. Everyday work at Social Wise varies from public relations and social media management, graphic design, event planning, facilitating media tours and brainstorming the next big move for clients among many other things. There is never a typical day at the office either; one day you’re in the office communicating with reporters and mapping out content calendars, the next you’re on your way to New York City or Los Angeles with a client for a media appearance. Every day is productive and it never gets boring. With a 24-hour news cycle, the team at Social Wise is constantly working to give our clients a platform to grow, build awareness, drive sales and share their missions worldwide.

What makes Social Wise Communications stand out as a top agency?

My team and I are doing something that other agencies do not offer. Working as publicists, social media managers, marketing specialists and everything in between. Social Wise is evolving with the ever-changing landscape of public relations and our team is constantly implementing new plans and ideas to grow and expand as a business. With a team showing no signs of stopping, the future is looking very bright for us. 

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