QuadCo Management Solutions Issues Marketing RFP

QuadCo Management Solutions Issues Marketing RFP

QuadCo Management Solutions, a wholly subsidiary of Fort Worth Housing Solutions (FWHS) is seeking agencies who are interested in creating, implementing and/or managing an advertising, marketing and public relations campaign with the goal to create awareness of FWHS’s subsidiary brand identity to current and prospective business partners, community stakeholders and general public.

The project consists of establishing a strong business and community voice and updating the visual identity in keeping with current corporate colors and to add experiential marketing all of which will include a brand vision, messaging platform and engagement plan. The end result is a higher awareness and positive impression of who QUADCO (or subsidiary) is and what the agency represents to potential customers.

QUADCO is a property management company operating 27 properties (4,104 units) in three regions of Texas.


Marketing Services

QuadCo Management Solutions seek proposals that reflect the firm’s or individual’s experience and best judgment as to the best means of achieving the program’s objectives. The proposal should include all known, expected, proposed or optional costs of a comprehensive marketing campaign with the goal of increasing sales at the corporate level. The campaign target audience is local and national industry.

  1. Developing the Identity and Information Pieces to include:
    • Brand Standards Guide – serves to define proper usage of the brand package, include corporate level templates for property advertising – print, electronic, etc
    • Messaging Platform/ Tagline / Talking Points to include “elevator pitch” as well as defining the key selling points of the brand
    • Corporate sales Brochure
    • Trade Show Display (10 foot) – please itemize design and display costs
    • Stationery to include business cards, envelopes (9”x12” and #10, #9 BRE and letterhead)
  2. Corporate Advertising Plan for increasing sales with updated image
    • Print / Online / Social Media

Proposal due by May 8, 2017 to:
Fort Worth Housing Solutions
300 South Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105

Allison & Partners, and Edelman have offices in Texas.

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