Quality vs Quantity in Backlinks

Plenty of marketers stand for the idea that companies should only be worried about the number of backlinks they generate to increase their search engine visibility. However, some marketers have argued that companies should be more worried about the quality of their backlinks instead of the quantity. At the end of the day, this largely depends on what a given company is trying to achieve with its backlink strategy. Backlinks are a crucial SEO element for any business and are links that help internet users get from another website to a company’s website. Those links can come from directories, social media websites, media outlets, and blog posts. Ideally, every single backlink that a company generates will come from other websites that are relevant within its industry or niche. Those links have a big impact on a company’s ranking on Google, and if their ranking is high, companies will generate leads and passive traffic at a consistent rate.

Quality Backlinks

Any link that comes from a highly trusted website is considered a quality backlink.  Both people and search engine algorithms trust trusted websites a lot. Companies that want to build a list of high-quality backlinks have to start by generating more links from websites that are authorities in their niche or industry. They can do this by creating valuable and interesting content for their industries or niches, and by pitching that content to high-authority outlets. However, this is not an ideal strategy for every business. One of the biggest challenges to generating high-quality backlinks is that they’re quite difficult to attain for a number of businesses. Unless a company is already established and has its own high-authority website and a high ranking in SERPs, it will take a long time for it to generate quality backlinks from high-authority domains. Although they might be an incredibly valuable resource, high-quality backlinks take a lot of work, time, and financial investment from businesses, and not all businesses have those types of resources yet. 

Quantity Backlinks

Any links that are generated from websites that have medium to low authority, but that are generated at a high rate, are considered quantity backlinks. It’s important to note that these backlinks are different from the backlinks that are generated from spammy websites. This strategy for generating backlinks is relatively fast and easy.  When they prioritize backlink quantity, there’s no need for companies to worry about the links they’re generating. This means they don’t have to go out of their way to create high-quality, valuable, and entertaining content to generate high-quality links to draw in e website visitors. Those high quantity types of backlinks can also help a company improve its search engine rankings, as long as the strategy is correctly implemented. One of the biggest disadvantages of prioritizing high quantity backlinks is that companies face the risk of accidentally generating backlinks from websites that are spammy, which can hurt SERP rankings. It’s a thin line for companies to walk, but it can be effective for smaller and newer companies that are looking to improve their ranking without investing too much time and effort.

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