Rebranding automobiles

A brand encapsulates more than just the name of a business. It brings together the ideals, standards, values and characteristics an organization represents. In other words, a brand represents the personality of a business. With a shift in social dynamics and the way certain brands are viewed, sometimes rebranding becomes necessary. Companies change their branding for a number of reasons, such as developing a new visual identity, changes in consumer behavior, or messaging changes . Given below are examples of rebranding in the automotive industry.

1) Peugeot – On the eve of their push towards manufacturing electric cars, Peugeot, has unveiled a new logo. It has updated its logo for the first time in ten years. As with every version of its logo, the lion is central to its design. However, unlike the previous design, the logo does not include the lion’s body. It only includes the lion’s head and mane placed under the car’s brand name within a shield. This is how the brand seeks to bridge the divide between the past and the present.

2) Nissan – The Japanese car brand Nissan has replaced its three-dimensional emblem with a flat, two-dimensional logo. The company name has remained at the center of the logo, but it is no longer raised and has been simplified. The lettering has been stretched out to offer a cleaner aesthetic. Nissan debuted its new logo on the electric Ariya SUV. The logo was aimed at updating the company’s brand identity so people associate it with lightness and flexibility.

3) General Motors – As part of a drive to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, General Motors has adopted a new logo. The new corporate logo is set to drive home the company’s vision of a zero-emission future. The new logo has vibrant blue tones, bringing to mind the clean skies of a zero-emission future. The rounded edges and lower-case font strive to create a modern and inclusive appearance .

4) Kia –   Kia’s new logo declares the brand’s current and future transformation. It represents Kia’s ambition to establish a leadership position in the automobile industry by transforming nearly all facets of its business. The new logo is a symbol of the values Kia promises to offer customers through its future products and services. The logo resembles a handwritten signature and offers a futuristic vibe.

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