remerinc PR Chosen by Cruise West

remerinc PR

remerinc COMPANYCruise West, a small ship cruise company, has just hired remerinc to serve as their agency of record, starting immediately. The advertising firm is handling all advertising and communications duties.

Dick West, Chairman of Cruise West, said, “remerinc brings us fresh, innovative thinking in the battle to win over the hearts and minds of our guests. As we roll out to new markets around the globe, it’s important that we have a marketing partner with experience in both national and international markets. ”

Previously, Cruise West used a variety of agencies, but has made the crucial decision to go with just one, remerinc, to ensure that their message is the same across all platforms. remerinc is responsible for the branding and brand awareness campaigns that will boost public awareness of Cruise West’s services, offering exploratory cruises on small cruise ships. With plans to expand around the globe, the cruise company wants an advertising agency that is already familiar with worldwide branding, the main reason they’ve chosen this particular advertising company.

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“Working with Cruise West has been a mission for me and my agency for some time,” said remerinc CEO and Creative Director, Dave Remer. “They offer a tremendous product … one I’ve enjoyed myself … and we’re very excited to be helping them strengthen their brand and profitability through stronger marketing. Some of our efforts are already at work and getting results, but a more comprehensive launch of new creative is under development and will hit in Q1 of 2010.”

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