REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Vail Local Marketing District 2024 Advertising Campaign

Deadline: May 29th 3:00pm


There are many areas that come together to define what Vail goals and objectives are. All should be taken into account when in research and development stage.

Vail Local Marketing District Goal: As Vail’s destination marketing organization, the VLMD’s goal is to drive responsible revenue growth in Vail by focusing on quality of guest, length of stay, and guest spend, along with effective communication of community values. Measurement is primarily gained through occupancy levels and average daily rate, lodging and sales tax revenues, guest satisfaction surveys and net promoter score. An emphasis is placed on driving demand during lower-demand time periods.

Vail Local Marketing District Priorities

As the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Council looks to the future, and in service of the VLMD’s overarching business goal, the VLMD’s 2023 strategic approach is guided by the following Marketing


– Optimize Visitation: Target overnight guests who stay longer, spend more and embrace the community’s values, in addition to targeting specific times of the year with an emphasis on lower demand periods including mid-week and shoulder seasons.

– Grow Database and Build Guest Relationships: Expand the Vail database, use data to understand the guest, enhance guest engagement and loyalty by optimizing content and 1:1 personalized messaging to achieve stated goals.

– Stewardship: Protect Vail’s natural assets and resources, while elevating the guest and resident experience by educating the guest on Vail’s community values including sustainability. Incorporate outcomes of the Stewardship Roadmap Vail in 2023 and beyond.

– Brand Positioning: In accordance with the town council action plan, position Vail as the Premier International Mountain Resort Community. Support partners and the community in delivering on the vision of the Town of Vail.

Vail’s Stewardship Roadmap: Marketing and Sustainability Priorities The Town of Vail is finalizing a Destination Stewardship Roadmap that will guide marketing efforts in 2024 and beyond.

Vision: Vail is the world’s premier sustainable mountain resort community, renowned for its quality of life, inspiring experiences for all, and stewardship of nature.

Values: Quality of Life, Community, Environmental Stewardship, Experience, Respect, Fun

The main focus for Vail Local Marketing District is Action 5: Energize Vail’s Brand:

Consumers rank Vail highly as a luxury mountain resort but show more interest in taking tripsto competing destinations. The local community wants Vail to target travelers who are in step with local values, including those who care about natural resources and share respect for the local way of life. With U.S. intent to travel softening and other headwinds rising, famed destinations are feeling new pressure to sharpen their competitive edge. Vail can find opportunity — and the travelers its community wants — by shaping its brand to amplify qualities valued by its community and claim important attributes valued by visitors.

The Goal

Develop a brand position that reflects important community values and differentiates Vail from the competitive set in ways that attracts more desired travelers.

Targets and Indicators

Lodging Tax Revenue

Marketing Campaign Performance

Occupancy Rate

Average Daily Rate

Brand Health

Town Priorities: Reference this link for 2023 Town Priorities:

Town of Vail Vision: To be the Premier International Mountain Resort Community!

Town of Vail Mission

Grow a vibrant, diverse economy and community and preserve our surrounding natural environment, providing our citizens and guests with exceptional services and an abundance of recreational, cultural and educational opportunities.

Town of Vail Commitment

To provide vision, leadership, efficiency, transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Town of Vail Values

– Passion

– Respect

– Trust

– Integrity

– Innovation

– Collaboration

– Environmental Sustainability


Target Audiences

Primary: High Net Worth Families and High Net Worth Empty Nesters:

Based on analysis of VLMD and Epsilon data, 40% VLMD’s database is considered HNW, while only 16% of the total US Population falls into this category

Secondary: Young High Income and International

Competitive Set




North Lake Tahoe

Park City/Deer Valley


Sun Valley



Interested bidders are invited to provide proposals and/or documentation including comparable work,

testimonials, and content that demonstrates professional qualifications. The proposal includes the following scope of work and areas of expertise: 2024 ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: Work with contracted Media Agency to include both traditional and new media elements, including but not limited to traditional advertising, digital/social marketing, and paid search. This production includes but is not limited to planning for and executing of photography, video, print, digital and social ads, tagline and  media message examples. Video should be the primary medium used with a robust social

strategy, working closely with existing Media Agency to determine strategy. Fees must include all production required to implement selected campaign concept in late 2023. The preliminary campaign will launch March 1,2024. The VLMD can only contract in the calendar year for the year however, if an extended timeline is needed, please indicate in proposal. The VLMD currently has a comprehensive library of destination assets including photos, video and b-roll that may be used as well as a long-standing video production partner that can utilized.

Production delivery includes but not limited to messaging and imagery/video of the following assets:

– Primary (Tier 1) Video Campaign

– Complementary strategy for (Tier 2) other relevant channels including social, email, web, etc.

– Animated digital banners

– Digital OOH

– Print ads

General Account Management: (estimated ~100hrs): Please describe your process, collaboration style, project management tools and timeline implementation plans as well as your account leadership and oversight including:

– Presentations, preparation, and review with TOV for (5) monthly board meetings

– Onboarding with Town of Vail

– Town of Vail status and partner calls

– One partner call per month

– Weekly TOV Status calls

– Ability to travel to and from Vail for meetings as needed

Timeline: This is a shorter than desired window and we are looking at creative ways to approach with solutions to fit the timeline best, including suggested adjustments to scope.

– June-July: Concept and present 3 campaigns with video strategy as the primary focus.

– July- early September: photo/video capture on site in Vail, Colorado must be in production.

– September–December, 2023: Campaign asset production.

NOTE: The creation of a new brand platform will be happening at the same time as the development of this 2024 campaign. The new brand platform will not be a part of this campaign.

Estimated range dependent on final agreed upon deliverables: ($85,000 – $100,000)


The term of this Agreement shall be approximately seven months, commencing early June, 2023 and concluding on December 31, 2023. The parties shall have the option to renew a contract yearly based on the annual operating plan and contracted deliverables. Such renewal is not automatic.


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