Proposal Due Date: April 27, 2024, at 2:00 PM EDT

Link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/24-023.S%20Advertising%20Services%20RFP%20(1).pdf


This request for proposals (RFP) provides to those interested in submitting proposals for

the subject procurement (“Offerors”) sufficient information to enable them to prepare and submit

proposals for PhilaPort’s consideration to satisfy a need for CREATIVE, ADVERTISING, AND

MEDIA PLACEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES (“Project”). This RFP contains instructions

governing the requested proposals, including the requirements for the information and material to

be included; a description of the services to be provided; requirements which Offerors must meet

to be eligible for consideration; general evaluation criteria; and other requirements specific to this


I-2. PhilaPort. The Port of Philadelphia (“PhilaPort”) has issued this RFP on behalf of itself as an

independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The sole point of contact in the

Commonwealth for this RFP shall be the PhilaPort Acting Director of Procurement, Brian Gocial,

3460 N. Delaware Avenue, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19134, Please

refer all inquiries to PhilaPort’s Acting Director of Procurement.

I-3. Overview of Project.

The selected firm will provide Paid Media Asset Production, Planning, Placement and

Measurement Services. The contract term will be for a six (6) month period. The proposed

project will enhance awareness of the positive impact of the Port’s operations, strengthen

community relationships, establish PhilaPort’s commitment to environmental stewardship and

promote the Port’s role in the economic success of the Greater Philadelphia region. The current

budget for this project, including Phase 1 and Phase 2, is $80,000.00.

I-4. Objectives.

Despite its size and prominence, the Port of Philadelphia is not well understood or appreciated

across the regions most impacted by its operations: Greater Philadelphia – encompassing

southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware, and the northern Eastern

Shore of Maryland – and Harrisburg, PA, the State Capitol.

As a result, the Port has a responsibility to create better awareness and understanding of its role as

a vital commercial engine that supports good, family-supporting jobs for more than 18,000 men

and women. The Port is also interested in improving local and regional understanding of its

environmental stewardship, its safety operations and record, and its plans for the future.

The selected Offeror will be tasked with researching, developing, and implementing a paid media

campaign using billboards, Connected TV, Radio and Digital channels (to include social media and

SEM), in order to improve awareness and understanding, within local communities, of the powerful

positive impact of the Port.

• Key audience categories for this work include, but are not limited to:

1. Greater Philadelphia residents who benefit, directly and indirectly from the Port’s operations

2. Local community leaders and community-based groups.

3. Business-related stakeholders, including trade associations and others.

4. Institutional stakeholders, including local and state policymakers, elected officials,

regulators, and others.

• Service requirements for this project include the following Phases:

Phase 1:

1. Strategic Plan: Develop a paid, owned, and shared media strategy plan to achieve

Objectives which may include but is not limited to: ground and aerial photography and

retouch services, videography, multi-camera on-location set design, script

development, on-camera hosting/moderating services, editing, social media, and more.

Identify the optimum media mix, involving billboards, Connected TV, Radio and

Digital channels.

• Submit Strategic Plan within 30 days of Notice to Proceed or Task Order.

2. Advertisement Creation: After consultation with PhilaPort, produce approved

advertisements. This includes providing the Port of Philadelphia with drafts of all

photographs, videos and other graphic design assets as needed for approval, final

electronic delivery, and raw footage. Securing written all required approvals, including

but not limited to copyright, prior to placement.

3. Media placement: Purchase media placements as requested by PhilaPort through

issuance of a Task Order. Negotiate for best price, placement, and terms. Selected

Offeror must have the capacity to sign and accept paid media purchase orders on behalf

of PhilaPort.

4. Creative consultation and support: Including, where necessary, additional strategy

development, media research, script development, graphic design, and advertising


Phase 2:

1. Monitoring campaign activity: Track agreed metrics and provide bi-weekly

performance reports to assigned Port team, including recommendations for revisions

and refinements, based on campaign performance;

2. Post-campaign reporting: Deliver a final post-campaign report, within 30 days after

campaign completion, including an analysis of placements and performance and

recommendations for future improvements.

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