Alexandria Issues Website RFP

Alexandria Issues Website RFP

The City of Alexandria, MN has issued an RFP for a company to create a new website for them. The mission of the City of Alexandria is to be a progressive regional center defined by purposeful growth and community partnerships.

Company Description

The City of Alexandria is committed to efficient and effective delivery of quality services and strategic investments that improve the quality of life for all its citizens and visitors and the sustainable management of city resources.

The following six Guiding Principles serve as the primary core values of the Strategic Plan and the measure of its success.  Each of the individual principles is critically important, yet these six principles are interrelated, and a balanced approach following all principles will help to ensure a solid and sustainable city foundation for future generations.

  • Growing Community – Alexandria will grow to accommodate new residents, visitors and employees while maintaining the community’s quality of life.
  • Sustainable Community – Alexandria is a sustainable community that limits its impact on natural resources and on the local, regional and global environment.
  • Complete Community – Alexandria is a well-integrated city with a transportation system that encourages connectivity and multimodal options, public facilities and neighborhoods.
  • Inclusive Community – Alexandria is a welcoming, vibrant, diverse and culturally rich community with opportunities for positive social interaction and inclusive of all citizens.
  • Healthy Community – Alexandria encourages and provides for healthy, active living through public policies and community design.
  • Engaged Community – Alexandria encourages and facilitates meaningful community participation, collaboration, leadership and is efficient, open and responsive to community needs and concerns.

Project Description > Design

For design, they seek someone to ensure the new site looks great, works on mobile devices, and allows for a simple ordering process (which will be decided at a later date).  They would also like to increase email newsletter list and have been more heavily involved in social media so that’s also important.  Logo is very important to be featured prominently throughout marketing pieces so it will be important to include that color scheme.

Proposal due by February 13 to:

704 Broadway, Alexandria, MN  56308
Contact, Sara Stadtherr, Communications Coordinator

PadillaCRT and Fleishman Hillard have Minnesota offices.

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