RFP for Media Buying for the Utah Athletics Department

RFP for Media Buying for the Utah Athletics Department
RFP for Media Buying for the Utah Athletics Department

After proving itself as the original “BCS buster”, Utah Football and the rest of Utah Athletics accepted an invitation to join the Pac-12. Utah’s sporting prowess isn’t the only reason the U was asked to join one of the nation’s premier conferences — the University’s academic achievements and strong scientific research played a major part. With a new set of schools to compete with, all boasting rich traditions in athletics and academics, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the University of Utah!

Scope of Work:

Utah Athletics Marketing is seeking media buying services for the Utah Athletics department involving but is not limited to radio, television, internet, newspaper, print, outdoor, internet radio, satellite radio, apps, social, programmatic and other similar mediums to generate ticket sales revenue, expand the brand and engage fan base; media buying placement is in the local Salt Lake DMA, Utah, and nationally. Media buying partner will need to collect data of target markets, develop audiences for each individual sport, media placement performance, provide analysis and recommendations for maximization of media buy. The supplier must be able to leverage inventory of Utah Athletics tickets with cash spending to produce the greatest amount of media in local market. The media buying techniques need aggressively target new technologies and emerging technologies to benefit Utah Athletics. The agency will contract for advertising services including, but not limited to:

1. Media buying

2. Media placement

3. Media promotion

4. Data research

5. National brand development

6. Create a comprehensive media schedule/calendar around all Utah Athletics Sports T

The service elements include:

  • Buy and implement institutional and seasonal advertising and promotional campaigns including season tickets, single-game tickets, ticket packages, bowl games, NCAA tournaments, post-season play, away games, and key special events. In addition, implementing Branding Campaigns.
  • Plan, negotiate, buy and place media to reach and motivate target audiences.
  • Plan, negotiate and develop media promotions around a comprehensive schedule/calendar.
  • Use cash and tickets to leverage the maximum amount of media buys.
  • Consult with Utah Athletics on cooperative partnerships.
  • Meet weekly in-person or Skype meetings to plan, analyze, strategize and evaluate all advertising efforts during the contract period.
  • A single contact person that is dedicated to the Utah Athletics account. This person should provide the best client relations and someone that is invested in seeing Utah Athletics being successful.

Evaluated Criteria 4.01


1. Overview of the firm including agency profile, current client list, references of all key personnel who would be assigned to the account, including lead account.

2. Current client list does not include any direct competitors in the current market place, i.e. BYU or Utah State.

4.02 Experience.

1. Provide at least three (3) references on “Attachment C” for customers which have used services similar to those required by the University are to be provided. Include business name, address, phone number and contact person for each reference. The University reserves the right to contact or visit any of the supplier’s current and/or past customers to evaluate the level of performance and customer satisfaction.

2. Please provide an example of experience in creating integrated advertising and marketing campaigns that drive attendance and generate revenue according to expectations.

3. Please provide a sample Experience in internet advertising, digital media and social media marketing to create awareness, build audience, drive attendance, and generate ticket revenue.

4. Creative approach and capabilities as evidenced in past work.

5. Describe work with clients in the health, fitness or sports industry.

4.03 Project Management

1. Please describe capabilities in project management in projects of similar scope. Please also describe highly organized and can manage multiple campaigns at one time.

2. Provide an example of vision, strategic direction and creative problem solving in working within defined budgets and timelines.

4.04 Overall Strategy

1. Describe your agency’s strategies for working with clients to develop advertising and marketing campaigns, and implement projects that drive attendance and revenue within a branded experience.

2. Provide a short overview (1 paragraph) of the strategies that would be used to develop Utah Athletics into a National Brand.

3. Provide a short overview (1 paragraph) on a media buying strategy for Men’s Basketball that included media promotions.

4.05 Cost Proposal

1. Provide Cost Proposal on “Attachment B”, see Section 5.03.

2. Describe your budget approach and how it will be of value to the University.

3. Budget approach and recommendation that provides greatest value for the University. The firm will be paid on a monthly fee

Due Date:

April 30, 2020 current MST


Patti Service, Buyer University of Utah Purchasing Dept. 201 S. Presidents Circle Rm.170 Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Tel. (801) 587-3894 Fax (801) 581-8609 E-Mail: pservice@Purchasing.Utah.Edu

Edelman PR and M Booth are agencies worth considering.

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