RFP REQUEST Purchasing Ad Space for a Statewide, Thirty (30) Second, Multilingual Tsunami PSA on TV Broadcast/Cable Stations and Radio HIePRO Solicitation No. 23001978


The State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI‐EMA), is the state’s designated emergency management agency, charged with working with all levels of government, non‐governmental organizations and the private sector to prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against all hazards that threaten Hawaii. 

HI‐EMA was awarded a grant, under the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP), an initiative funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Weather Service (NWS). The purpose of the NTHMP funding is to reduce the loss of life and property from tsunamis.  HI‐EMA’s objective is to broaden the awareness of tsunami‐related risks across Hawaii through a visually dynamic and engaging public service announcement (PSA), making information on tsunami‐related hazards easily available statewide to all Hawaii residents and visitors, with an emphasis

on vulnerable populations including Hawaii’s substantial populations with limited English proficiency. 


In 2021, HI‐EMA successfully procured services to produce a thirty (30) second PSA educating the public on how best to prepare, mitigate, and respond to tsunami‐related events. The English voice‐over PSA is combined with subtitle files in twelve (12) foreign languages.  Versions of this PSA may be viewed on the www.HI‐EMA website, or can be accessed via YouTube: https://youtu.be/6V_voD5V29g

This proposal seeks to procure services for ad‐buys to run the previously produced thirty (30) second PSA on television, radio, and digital platforms to ensure maximum penetration across all populations in Hawaii, with accompanying foreign language subtitle files where the audience for specific programming necessitates appropriate non‐English subtitles. Approximately 10% of the total ad time purchase should be targeted to broadcast radio outlets.

The vendor’s proposal shall be all‐inclusive and ensure services include the following:

1. A package of airings on TV broadcast, cable programming, radio programming and digital platforms with viewership/listenership demographics that include a mix of groups roughly representative of the

state’s population by age, income, sex, and other characteristics, including Hawaiian and Spanish language contents and programming in additional languages other than English. 

2. The vendor shall propose an airing schedule that reflects roughly 75% of the airings in English subtitled versions and roughly 25% with subtitles in languages other than English, reflecting the approximate proportion of households in Hawaii that speak a language other than English at home. To

the extent possible, PSAs with non‐English subtitles will be aired in proportions that reflect the prevalence with which those languages are spoken at home in the community. 

3. HI‐EMA will consider additional services proposed to ensure a high penetration rate and delivery of the PSA across targeted vulnerable populations. 


The Period of Performance shall commence upon execution of contract and expire on April 30, 2023, unless terminated by the State with a thirty (30) day notice. 

Any modifications or extension of the services beyond April 30, 2023, shall be by mutual written agreement.


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