Richland Library Issues Branding, Marketing & Creative RFP

This Request for Proposals is issued so that the Friends and Foundation may receive proposals from parties interested in developing a branding strategy document and marketing assets (including video) for the Friends and Foundation.

The Richland Library Friends and Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Richland Library’s evolution and innovation by raising awareness and financial support. Formed in 2017 when the efforts of two previously separate library support organizations – the Richland Library Friends and the Richland Library Foundation – were realigned, the Richland Library Friends and Foundation works to further the library’s nationally recognized efforts to provide access to state-of-the-art technology, literary and cultural programs and more that enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors of Richland County.

The selected vendor will work with Richland Library’s Marketing and Digital Strategy and Development teams to build on the already established visual identity of the Richland Library Friends and Foundation and develop a branding strategy and specific marketing collateral in support of the Richland Library Friends and Foundation’s strategic plan.

This project includes the following primary objectives:

                1. Conduct market research and donor/customer surveys (working in conjunction with the Marketing and Digital Strategy Department) to develop a visionary, easy reference brand strategy document in support of the organization’s strategic planning goals.

                2. Using the brand’s pre-existing visual elements and existing collateral as a starting point, deliver what we are referring to as the “Innovation Portfolio” – a key piece of marketing collateral consisting of a folio folder and various brochures/one-sheets that can be used to customize the folio for various audiences. This “Innovation Portfolio” will serve as the key piece of collateral in support of the aforementioned brand strategy.

                3. Produce an intro video for the Friends and Foundation highlighting impactful stories for use as a general overview to the organization’s mission and the impact (outcomes) the organization        has within our community.

Scope of Work

The chosen vendor(s) must be willing and ready to work with both the Richland Library Marketing and Digital Strategy and Development teams. An open and exposed line of communication and involvement is expected and required.

Our goal is to work together to develop a data-driven strategy and supporting collateral that will serve to grow awareness of the brand and increase market penetration in potential donor groups. The Friends and Foundation have a new Strategic Plan and are working toward new mission and vision statements that these following deliverables will be in direct support of.

In your response to this RFP, please provide estimated costs for each of the deliverables outlined in the scope of work below:

The three deliverables for this project are:

                1. A Brand Strategy Document

                                o An easy-to-understand reference document that will serve as a useful guide when planning future events and marketing campaigns.

                                o Document must include:

                                                • The brand’s goals and objectives

                                                • Supporting market research (what is the landscape and where do we fit?)

                                                • Results of a brand audit of past and potential donors/customers (how are we currently perceived?)

                                                • The brand persona (the personality and the story)

                                                • Competitive positioning statements

                                                • Target ‘buyers’ (or, in this case, donor) personas with supporting research (the aforementioned brand audit and market research)

                                                • Brand messaging strategies in support of the positioning statements and                                                          identified target audiences.

                2. Marketing Collateral – Introduction Video

                                o For use on multiple platforms.

                                o Reinforces brand positioning and persona.

                                o Targeted toward current and future donors, leveraging the emotional benefits derived from the brand audit.

                                o Focused on telling authentic stories of customers whose lives have been positively                                     impacted by Richland Library’s innovative programming/services made possible by                                          philanthropic support.

                3. Marketing Collateral – The Innovation Portfolio

                                o Using the buyer’s (donor’s) journey as an example, this piece would be considered a top-of-the-funnel asset.

                                o For use on multiple platforms (not just print).

                                o Our vision includes a customizable folio folder which could hold multiple brochures, one-sheets and other stand-alone collateral for use when presenting to potential donors.

                                o Primary purpose would be attracting a large pool of relevant leads (prospective donors) with a primary focus on educating and/or raising awareness.

Due Date:

April 15th, 2019 


Main Library Development Office

1431 Assembly Street,

Columbia, SC 29201-3101

Relevant agencies include Kite Hill PR and Small Girls PR.

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