A PR Lesson from Rihanna

Those who like gossip and entertainment, and even those who don’t, are already familiar with the events extensively publicized back in 2009, when R&B superstar Cris Brown severely battered Rihanna, who, at the time, was his girlfriend. In the months that followed the February 8, 2009, incident, Rihanna appeared in public numerous times, describing the horrors she suffered. The relationship between the two, as expected, was terminated, and while Cris Brown’s career went downhill, Rihanna’s flourished. Today however, there’s another side of the story to be told, a side that could as well serve as a PR lesson from Rihanna.

Rihanna and Oprah

Oprah’s Next Chapter featuring Rihanna, Sunday August 19th, 2012. (Photo: Rihanna on Facebook)

After years marked by a scandal that crushed a career and broke a woman’s heart, there’s another side of the story not many people ever expected to hear. Rihanna still loves the man who humiliated her, she moved on, and she forgave him. While other women (stars or not) in her position would go on trashing the man who once did them wrong, Rihanna opened up during Sunday’s Oprah’s Next Chapter, saying that Brown was the love of her life, and that she was positive that he loved her back. And although the two are not together, Rihanna being single, and Brown in a relationship, they are working on a close friendship:

“We built up a trust again. And that’s it. We love each other and we probably always will,” she said.

The public reaction after the show followed promptly, with fans who failed to understand her love, and those who sent messages of encouragement and support:

Whether Rihanna still loves Brown or not, is irrelevant, and, in effect, a private matter for the star. The true PR lesson comes from her attitude, which shows a woman who learned how to forgive a thing that cannot be forgotten. Instead of trashing Brown, Rihanna is supporting him. And her public appearance now may as well be the catalyst that will bring Brown back in the good graces of the media.

Amanda Silverman of 42 West represents Rihanna.

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