Roger Ailes and Fox News: PR CEO Ronn Torossian Explains

All of us in public relations who manage people are aware of the importance of connecting with people. Albeit, while all have different styles, 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian in his usual outspoken manner wrote an interesting op-ed for FrontPage Magazine, the website of about the differences in personal styles between President Barack Obama and Fox News’ Roger Ailes.

Fox News has clearly changed the media business completely in the last 10 years, and Ailes’ has been instrumental to the success of the network.  While he is far from a household name, his distinct persona is one which is oft spoken about.

And interestingly, Torossian’s piece makes note of how Obama has apparently failed to capture personal relationships, failed to prioritize connecting  in any way. Excerpt:

“History demonstrates occurrences where relationships have changed the course of history, for example, how the personal bond between Roosevelt and Churchill helped end the Second World War. And in the midst of Obama failing to secure any worldwide support for military action in Syria after the G-12 Summit, it is telling that in addition to being a terrible leader, the man has awful interpersonal skills. Obama and Putin have the worst personal relationship between US and Russian — perhaps even US and Soviet — leaders in history.”

Torossian further makes his case by mentioning a front-page article last year in The New York Times which criticized Obama as well as commentary from journalist Bob Woodward commenting on how Obama hasn’t even made friends among fellow Democrats on Capital Hall.

Finally, Torossian contrasts Obama with Roger Ailes, who created Fox News, which the author notes is the most-watched and most-profitable cable network in the world.  By citing sources, including Zev Chafets’ unauthorized biography “Roger Ailes: Off Camera”, Torossian proves his claim that the fair and balanced network is also kind even to Fox enemies – which also  has helped them build their business.

Perhaps someone from the Obama camp in PR could weigh in here?

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