RxAir Successfully Pivoting Brand Messaging During Global Pandemic

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There are a number of things that may cause a company to completely pivot its marketing strategy in order to ensure continued sales and brand growth in times of crisis, and the COVID pandemic is no exception. Over the past year, we have seen companies around the world engage their fight or flight techniques, whether that be cutting their losses and quitting while ahead, or completely adapting their brand messaging and tactics to accompany the shifted consumer landscape.

One company, RxAir, has taken the right approach in showing that the intelligent research-backed technology in its air purifiers can benefit everyone, whether they be at home or in their place of business, especially during a time when air quality is on everyone’s mind.

RxAir promotes a healthy lifestyle with its innovative, patented UV-C light air purification technology. Independently tested by EPA- and FDA-certified laboratories, RxAir has been proven to destroy greater than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the flu, H1N1, multiple Coronavirus strains, pneumonia, MRSA, strep, TB, measles and the common cold.

While the RxAir 3000 model is well-known for its use in healthcare facilities and commercial businesses, RxAir was able to pivot its strategy to focus on its smaller, more consumer-friendly RxAir 400 model; highlighting how consumers can now get quality air filtration, traditionally found in operating rooms and surgical centers, in the comfort of their own homes – or their small business – providing a level of comfort much needed during these times.

FDA-cleared as a Class II medical device, the RxAir 400 covers up to 800 square feet, offering 15 different fan speeds. Its patented ‘kill chamber’ is where the magic happens, forcing the air around 3 powerful UV-C tubes for an extended period of time, ensuring the wavelength dosage needed to maximize the inactivation of viruses and bacteria.

The RxAir 3000 is utilized in schools to ensure the air quality is up to par and eliminates the worry of free flowing viruses that will affect our kids. With school closures continuing across the country, parents remain more concerned than ever about the health and safety of their families once their children step foot back into the classrooms. Although this technology has been proven to work over the years, it’s important that consumers understand the options available to their local communities to increase air quality and overall wellness.

Companies that can show how well they can quickly adapt their messaging and overall brand positioning during times of need are going to see continued success in marketing and PR for years to come.

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