Sabrina LCP Communications: Company Profile

Inside Sabrina

Founded in 2011, and based in New York City, Sabrina LCP Communications is a full-service public relations consultancy. The firm uses the power of traditional and modern communications channels to shape conversations, build brands, and create value for clients and businesses.

The goal of Sabrina LCP is to drive impactful media relations campaigns that can reach clients’ core audiences. These range between brands, marketers, media outlets, influencers, as well as consumers. Through leveraging the team of senior industry experts, the consultancy is quickly able to scale up any PR effort and major initiative, as well as provide support to all existing clients. The agency’s clients are brands and corporations that shape the way other businesses and people use technology to connect with consumers, monetize media and content, enjoy and share entertainment, advertise, travel, and manage their daily lives, or organizations.

The consultancy provides a variety of services to clients, such as analyst relations, for companies who are looking for advice on consumers. Another service is the evaluation of financial data and tracking market share or industry growth. The firm also helps businesses position themselves best in the industry by offering theme feedback on marketing campaigns or messaging.

As an additional bid to help clients, Sabrina LCP Communications offers company and product launches for businesses looking to expand current offerings to consumers. Also creating strategies to launch a brand new organization is a service option. Aside from launches, Sabrina LCP also offers event planning and production, where the in-house team is able to create and execute attractive events. Also offered are campaigns around those events that are intended to attract and engage the target audiences.

With media relations strategy and outreach services, companies are able to utilize the correct media platforms to tell their stories, as well as receive personalized campaigns that fit the company’s core message. This also includes distributing those messages on the right platforms and at the right time, to get the best results and reach each of their target audiences. This is done through the messaging and positioning services, as well as the social media strategy and management services.

Finally, Sabrina LCP Communications also provides speaking and thought leadership services, for businesses who are looking to stand out from the crowded digital landscape we’re currently living in, and make a difference for their target audiences.

Sabrina Carrozza, who leads the PR consultancy, has over a decade of experience building strategic communications programs for brands, corporations, and startups, in the tech industry, specifically in entertainment, mobile, digital media, social, ad tech as well as sports practice. Each and every campaign or service is personalized, according to the needs and goals of the client’s business, in order to get the best results possible.

The roster of clients that have worked with Sabrina LCP Communications includes companies like Vevo, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, EA Sports, AdMob, Taykey, Snaps, Sporting News Media, FC Barcelona, and numerous others.

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