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Nelson Bostock Unlimited

Nelson Bostock Unlimited is a PR and communications company boasting more than thirty years of experience in the industry. During that time, the people within this organization have learned how to connect companies to their audiences through exciting stories and marketing solutions. They’re experts in everything from social media marketing to event management.

Nelson Bostock Unlimited is happy to work alongside global corporations, smaller startups and companies facing a rebrand. They’re part of the Creston Group of companies.

Nelson Bostock Unlimited Leadership and Clients:

Founder and chairman of Nelson Bostock Unlimited started the company with his partner Roger Nelson in 1987. After the company ended up being sold to the new parent company Creston PLC, Roger retired, and Martin overtook the role of chairman to welcome a new board of directors into the mix, who are now responsible for running the agency.

Over more than 3 decades, the company has been working alongside a host of visionary clients, establishing themselves as one of the world’s leading communication agencies for professional services companies, digital, and technology brands. Clients on the roster for Nelson Bostock Unlimited include Swatch, Google, BMW, Freeview, and many more.

Nelson Bostock Unlimited Perks and Problems:

Nelson Bostock Unlimited believe in bringing together winning minds to create a powerful and lucrative team of professionals. This innovative company constantly pushes itself to deliver better work, and they believe they can only be the best version of themselves with the right team. They constantly experiment with new tactics and offer employees an opportunity to take part in a great benefits scheme.

While hard work is always noticed in this company, large campaigns for major brands often mean that professionals work a lot of late hours getting the job done.

Nelson Bostock Unlimited Services:

As part of the Creston Group of companies, Nelson Bostock Communications believe in giving their clients the attention they crave through plenty of innovative marketing strategies, including broadcasting, digital communications, strategic planning, analyst relations, social media marketing, and reporting.

Nelson Bostock work with international press releases, marketing communications, and they’re also capable of working alongside marketing departments inside of client networks to improve internal communication strategies too.

Getting a Job with Nelson Bostock Unlimited:

Nelson Bostock Unlimited are currently interested in finding employees who want to pursue a career where they get to work with businesses in AI and machine learning. To work well in this business, candidates will need a solid understanding of disruptive technology and innovations in the marketplace. Those who feel they would fit in well in the sector can check out the careers page or get in touch with a resume and cover letter.

Nelson Bostock Unlimited Locations:

Nelson Bostock Unlimited | Unlimited House |

10 Great Pulteney Street | London | W1F 9NB

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