Scott Public Relations Publishes “Push/Pull” PR and Marketing White Paper

Scott Public Relations LogoScott Public Relations (SPR), an agency with over 20 years of experience in the market, announced today that it has published a new whitepaper which offers expert insight into the integrative, new age of B2B PR and marketing strategies. “The Push/Pull Marketing Program: Proven Results for Today’s B2B Online & Social Media Driven Markets” provides tactics which can help companies improve brand recognition and thought leadership, thus driving sales.

“The PR landscape today has dramatically changed from the ‘old school’ era of rolodex contacts and print-only publications,” said Joy Scott, president and CEO of Scott Public Relations in a press release. “Now information streams from countless sources and angles, quickly leaving behind companies that do not understand how to leverage all aspects of these communications. For these companies, this lack of understanding often results in the loss of a valued position in its competitive marketplace.”

SPR tested this push/pull approach for one year and got some impressive results, such as increased traffic to their blog from 3,000 visitors to over 14,000 with more than 1,000 comments per month, almost doubled the unique visits traffic, ranked very well in top search engines (showing up first in Google for “healthcare public relations”), and being successful in generating new business.

“A successful PR and marketing program requires an integrative approach that “pushes” quality content and information out to the public for the purpose of creating education and awareness, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that “pull” prospective clients and influencers in, resulting in increases in ROI, sales and partnerships,” Scott added.

“The Push/Pull Marketing Program: Proven Results for Today’s B2B Online & Social Media Driven Markets” can be downloaded for free here, and covers important topics including publishing white papers and studies, creating blogs with high quality content, disseminating press releases using online services, initiating a social media campaign, etc.

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