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Scribe Strategies and Advisors

Scribe Strategies and Advisors is a PR and communications firm based in Washington DC. They provide expertise in communications and business strategy to governments and companies all around the world. They have more than 30 consultants worldwide to advise, plan, and help in the implementation of their work for clients. Though, the extent of their reach is more than geographical. It also includes a wide range of industries and cultures. They know Wall Street, emerging markets, and the aerospace and defense industries. They also know home security and international policy issues. They have associates on the ground in Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Geneva, and Washington DC.

Scribe’s founder, Joseph Szlavik, worked previously in the White House regarding international policy during the first Bush administration. Szlavik’s career has also allowed him to work closely with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Customs Service. Their aerospace and defense experts have helped secure more than $20 billion in sales in 23 countries for approximately 100 of their clients. Their Homeland Security expert, Andrew R. Koch, was a former journalist and news bureau chief. Scribe’s qualifications are top notch in all areas that they offer service.

Some of Scribe’s clients include EADS Defense Electronics, Federal Aviation Administration, the Governments of Kenya, Oman, Uganda, the Republic of Korea, ITT Defense (now Excelis, Inc.), and U.S. Sports Alliance.

Scribe has recently added the Republic of Burundi to the governments it represents. In this situation, it is for a specific request lasting only one week, but it may signify further representation on Burundi’s behalf in the future. The specific request came from the Burundi’s embassy in Washington DC, asking Scribe to set up meetings for Alaine Alme Nyamitwe, Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation. The meetings were during the minister’s visit to Washington DC for the week of June 22, 2015. Scribe was tasked to set the meetings with members of Congress, Executive Branch officials, non-governmental organization executives, journalists, academics, and others. The request came from the Embassy in February and was recorded with the forms required by the U.S. Department of Justice during the middle of July.

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