Seasonal content marketing

Seasonal content is useful during a certain period of time. There are mainly two types of seasonal content, one is time-based and the other is event-based. Viral content always wins and one way to ensure that content is viral is to associate it with a holiday or an event. A necessary step is to make sure that content is posted at the right time, particularly when the event is in the customer’s mind. If seasonal content is posted too early, little or no attention might be paid to it. Seasonal content also helps to bring a business back into the spotlight. Given below are some tips to make seasonal content marketing more effective.

Plan ahead

With seasonal trends, timing is important so it works well to plan ahead. For seasonal content to be successful, planning is required. The content used should be directly related to a business. For instance , Havahart, a company that manufactures wildlife control products, shares content that is based on which pests are predominant each season. Seasonal content has to be useful and not just aimed at directly driving sales.

Use seasonal keywords

Understanding seasonal trends is important while looking for seasonal keywords. It leads to a sustainable content strategy. Using seasonal keywords also helps in reaching the target audience who are looking for seasonal products and services. Keywords can be included in headers and meta descriptions. Hashtags also come in handy. For instance, people would use the hashtag #giftideas during the months of November and December.

The season should be matched to the brand

A seasonal brand strategy should be consistent with the brand strategy year round. A season should not take over the core message of a business. It is important to remember the core values of a business even during the festive season. A business should  offer something that is relevant to seasonal celebrations. For instance, Amazon always offers a nice collection of goods that are suitable for gifting at Christmas. They also have product categories that are based on budgets.

Create a seasonal competition

A lot of website visitors like competitions and games. For instance, egg hunting during Easter is a fun activity. A similar activity can be designed for online visitors. A quiz can also be created where visitors would have to look for answers to questions on the website of a business. A scavenger hunt game can also be designed.

Use testimonials

Customer testimonials always drive sales.Customers look for product testimonials particularly when they need to make purchases during the festive season. Hence, it is always a good idea to add testimonials in the product pages during holidays. If the testimonials are season-specific, they would be even more effective. For instance, during Halloween, there is always a demand for costumes, and it would be a good idea to include a testimonial from a customer who has purchased costumes.

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