Should the World Cut Brian Bosworth Some Slack?

Brian BosworthI will never forget an NFL moment when two highly touted football superheroes met in an explosion of energy at the goal line. La Raiders superman Bo Jackson just ran over “The Boz”, that’s it.

When you see a running back run over the top of the most hyped linebacker in football, it has an effect. Interestingly, Bo Jackson (read this) did not have a destiny to become the NFL’s greatest ball carrier, a rare hip injury took him down. As for Brian Bosworth, a bad case of half ass narcissism ruined his career in football. Now “The Boz” is all in the news once again (magically), and again over a dose of mediocrity. The one time college football legend got busted for DUI, and on a “murdercycle” no less.

The former Oklahoma great, who’s among the top losers on ESPN’s Biggest Sports Flops List right ahead of the only USA Men’s Basketball team to ever lose at the Olympic Games, has pretty much flopped at everything since the Seahawks. I for one, feel for the guy.

As any armchair quarterback (or in my case defensive end) out there knows, just making it to the NFL is easier said than done anyhow. So for “The Boz” be take such a fall? Well, a mean man would say; “If I had made it that far…..” Wouldn’t we all? Hey, just how many of us get the privilege of being run over by superheroes? And let’s not forget Brian has done his share of rescuing people, contributing, doing good deeds.

Hey, maybe a DUI is not something to condemn those we only scarcely know? Maybe Bo slipped that tackle rather than running slap over a The Boz? Maybe we should cut Brian Bosworth some slack? Maybe.

If I were he, I know I’d wish for some common courtesy.

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