Simply the Best PR to Represent The Bullying Academy

The Bullying Academy

The Bullying Academy has retained Simply the Best Public Relations as its PR firm of record.

The Bullying Academy is a unique online resource, developed by students in the Know foundation, designed to help pupils in 4th to 8th grades recognize the dangers associated with bullying and cyberbullying. The site is aimed at pupils, but also at educators and parents, who need to learn how to identify and prevent online bullying and not only. The program generates data, which can be compared by class, school, or district in an effort to monitor effectiveness of bullying prevention education.

As the agency of record of The Bullying Academy, Simply the Best PR will be in charge of social media and other outreach campaigns that introduce the Academy to its audiences. The Bullying Academy will be presented as a fully developed program, with anti-bullying lessons presented interactively, and comprehensively.

Simply the Best PR will “reach to school superintendents, principals, teachers, and of course parents to let them know that The Bullying Academy is a wonderful teaching tool that can be utilized at no cost.”

“Our national publicity will introduce The Bullying Academy as a complete online source for everything needed to know about the dangers and prevention of bullying and cyberbullying,” stated Kim Morgan, President of Simply the Best PR, in a press release. “Now that schools are mandated to address bullying, The Bullying Academy provides professionally developed curricula and grade appropriate content designed to engage students through quizzes and scavenger hunts, which can be completed at school or at home, individually or in groups.”

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