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Bank of America Corp. is all in the news over their website being either slow, or down right inaccessible in some states. Reportedly, customers who visited the bank’s online aspect from some locations were met with the message online banking was “temporarily unavailable” for them.

Meanwhile, Bank of America spokespersons have been broadcasting the message the company is “experiencing intermittent service disruptions as we work to restore capability as quickly as possible.”

Account holders in New York, California, New Jersey and Arizona told Dow Jones Newswires that Bank of America directed them to “try again later,” but no one seems to know exactly how widespread the problem really is. All the reports, even Bank of America spokespersons, just keep iterating how customers may experience slowness, etc. The suggestion that the Bank is the victim of some form of cyber-hack or crime, have been categorically denied by bank representatives too.

Bank of America’s Tara Burke was quoted by the Wall Street Journal, claiming the slowness people are experiencing is due to so called “routine” upgrades.  The bank has some 29 million customers who rely on the same online banking Bank of America has marketed so well over the last years. Bank of America shares are obviously off a bit, given the puzzling news.

The Bank of America commercial below is something we had to share. What a PR goof it is when your touted services don’t work. This is not the first time Bank of America has had problems with “upgrades” – and judging by the answers bank officials are giving customers this week, it won’t be the last. It just has to be those pesky online gamblers from California causing all the lag.

Weber Shandwick and Burson-Marsteller are among the PR Agencies that have worked with Bank of America.

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