Apple Watch: Top APPS and How Your Brand Can Leverage Smartwatch Marketing

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Apple released their high-tech watch several months ago it’s catching on with people. We’re certain Apple isn’t backing away, so how can companies start using Apple Watches to further brand and promote their products and services? First, let’s talk about a few apps already available to download on your Apple Watch.

We pulled together a few, but also you can go to best-apple-watch-apps for a much more comprehensive list.

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Find Near Me.

Works on your iPhone too. You can try it for free, just search it on your iTunes account online.

Whatever you need to locate near you, it can give you a list. ATMs, restaurants, dry cleaners, you search, and it shows what’s closest to you.

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Do you go a lot of places where music is played? Does it drive you crazy when you hear words or tunes, but you can’t remember what the song is or who sings it? Shazam to the rescue. This is a free download, and all you have to do is wiggle your Apple Watch or iPhone when you have the app open and Shazam!

It tells you the song and who sings it. No more tunes endlessly looping in your head until you find the answer.

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This is a calendar and reminder system that improves on anything Apple offers as standard. You’ll pay $4.99 for it, but people that have it love it.

Just type in what you want to add to your calendar or as a reminder and it will find the day and time, add it, and then remind you when the event is about to happen.

Now, here are some ways you could add your name to this new emerging wearable technology:

Key systems.

Places like the Starwood Hotels have developed apps to download their keycard digital information into your Apple Watch so you can open your hotel room door while on the road. Security companies could offer something similar to their customers – allowing them to unlock and turn off, or on, a home or office alarm system.


Sites like Retale can load discount and coupon codes into their app, updating the codes as needed and the customers get better deals on their online purchases. This might be especially useful for grocery stores or drug stores that deliver from online orders. Most of those don’t allow for print coupons, so chain stores could code in automatic coupon codes for customers if they have the app.

Apple Pay.

Some retailers already have Apple Pay stations set up so payments for goods or services can be done with the swipe of your phone – or Apple Watch. This gives retailers a more direct draw on accounts making it the need to collect insufficient funds payments less likely.

Brick and mortar beacons.

Beacons are digital alerts to your Apple Watch about items on sale in the store or other helpful information. Beacons could read items in your cart, and give you a recipe. If you’ve got tuna and pasta, it suggests tuna noodle casserole if you buy cream soup (sale 3 for $2) and frozen peas.

Apple Watches, and smartwatches in general are here to stay – Don’t delay integration of your brand into this new tech probability.

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