The Number One Shocking Social Implication of Social Media

social media concept in word everything-prIf you thought social media and social networking is the new way we express ourselves, and communicate with our friends, family and anyone else, you are going to be in for a shock when you read this article. Social media might take up a lot of our time because we waste so much of it looking at Facebook, developing our network on LinkedIn, and Tweeting and re-Tweeting, but that is little of what is yet to come. Social media is becoming a representation of who we are and whom we are seen as. We all need to develop our careers, and we all want to increase our income, without social media marketing of your name and your brand, how will you be seen? This article is going to make you think.

  • Flip-side. Many of us have been promoting ourselves, our talents, skills and career via our profiles and other pages. We didn’t think of what that would mean. The flip-side of our head-long, single-minded and obsessive expression and drive to share more information about ourselves, has resulted in the creation of a new requirement, or what can be described as a new representation of who we are. Many companies, many employers, and many others will judge you based on your social media profiles and interaction numbers, quality, and even worse, your popularity.
  • New Standard. There are many companies and other entities that will take one look at your social media profiles before they even consider any further look at you. Here is an example, a bar will look at the social media profiles of a waiter or bar tender before they consider hiring them. They are not interested in that person’s CV until they are impressed with those profiles.
  • Social Media Reflection. Social media profiles are being seen as a reflection of someone’s talent, skills, and more than anything, the value they have, and even scarier, as a reflection of their appeal. It is a natural assumption to make. Social media has been so influential, it has been so swift and intensive, the value of the attraction of someone’s profile, is being seen as a direct reflection of who they are. People are meeting each other face to face, and then checking social media profiles to decide whether they will start that friendship or other relationship.
  • No Opt-out Option. There are those who still don’t have social media profiles. They are few and far between. Not having profiles and other information is better than not having anything at all. As for your career, that is not an option. Not having these profiles, followers, relationships, numbers, and all the other measurements that can be drawn from looking at your profiles and pages, is an individual’s career suicide.
  • Future. While social media and all that comes along with it is still only a relatively new thing, you cannot expect this to go away. Our only option as an individual trying to get ahead in their career, make new friends, and better themselves is to get on the job asap. Managing, culturing, developing and nurturing your social media profiles, is the only way. Hopefully, you have the time and money to dedicate that time each day. If you have the money, you can employ someone to take care of that job for you.

This article doesn’t provide a solution. I don’t know if there is one. It doesn’t matter who you are anymore. It doesn’t matter what you can bring to an organisation or company. It doesn’t matter how much you care. It only matters if your social media profiles and interaction make people think that way. It is not surprising that online marketing companies can provide solutions for individuals for a fee.

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