Social Media RFP Issued By Golden Gate Business Association

Golden Gate Business Association
Golden Gate Business Association

The purpose of this RFP is to select a company to implement and manage the GGBA’s social media presence to engage with our members and partners using the most prominent platform(s) preferred by our members and partners.  An additional purpose of this RFP is to utilize social media platforms in the most effective and efficient way to drive more potential members and partners to the GGBA website and to keep the community continuously informed of the GGBA’s involvement in and commitment to the success of LGBTQ businesses in the Bay Area.


The Golden Gate Business Association is the world’s first LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to champion opportunity, education, and advocacy for our LGBTQ & Allied business community.

We create opportunity for marketing, networking, procurement, and referral-based business growth; programs that support development of business skills and expertise through workshops and seminars; and we advocate for positive economic, social, and political change.

  • Opportunity for marketing, networking, procurement, and referral-based business growth
  • Development of business skills and expertise through workshops and seminars
  • Advocate for positive economic, social, and political change
  • The largest San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQ business advocate organization

We envision an economically empowered San Francisco Bay Area LGBT business community that inspires others.

  • We will empower our small business entrepreneurs and professionals, collaborate with nonprofit advocates, and engage with business and civic leaders to support policies that foster a more inclusive and welcoming business community.

Our values are inherent to our identity as an organization. They guide the way we work with our members, our community, and with each other. GGBA key values are: SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, PASSION, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, and SUCCESS. Through these values, GGBA looks to support a culture where ideas can blossom, individuals can thrive, and our entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

Scope of Work:

Social Media Management


The role of Social Media is to create and maintain two-way engagement with members and partners.  In addition, the Company selected for this SOW is expected to use all appropriate social media platforms to drive potential new members and new partners to the GGBA website and keep current members and partners engaged in promoting LGBTQ businesses.

To ensure this is taking place, the Company selected for this SOW must provide evidence that members/partners/potentials are actually seeing our posts. We understand this may involve the implementation of a paid campaign to ensure our posts are being seen by as many people and groups as possible. It is the role of the selected Company to provide detailed suggestions for such a campaign, along with ongoing and post-campaign analysis to be sent to the Executive Committee on the 15th of each month.

We want to be able to answer the question: “What is the preferred social media for the business of our members and partners?”

1. Act as a moderator on the GGBA boards that may be created and open to GGBA members.

2. Engage in a social media campaign to accomplish the following through original posts:

  • Promote GGBA events, blogs, news, press, and original content
  • Celebrate achievements of GGBA members and partners
  • Celebrate advancements in supplier diversity, especially LGBT Business Enterprises
  • Celebrate advancements of sister chambers and the national LGBT chamber, the NGLCC
  • Share information relevant to the LGBTQ business community in San Francisco and nationally
  • Direct potential members to the GGBA website and for the purpose of signing up to be a member, or ask questions related to becoming a member
  • Direct potential partners to the GGBA website or for the purpose of becoming a partner or request a meeting to discuss the process.

3. All GGBA events are to be promoted on social media:

  • Make Contacts:
    • Overarching  – talking about ‘Make Contacts’ as a series and/or the schedule thru December 2020 – 3x monthly
    • Day after previous Make Contact has happened
    • Specific events:
      • Once weekly in 4 weeks out, 3 weeks out, 2 weeks out
      • Twice one week out
      • PLUS Day of the event by 12:00 p.m.
  • Round Tables:
    • Once weekly in 4 weeks out, 3 weeks out, 2 weeks out
    • Twice in 1 one week out
    • PLUS Day of the event by 12:00 p.m.
  • High Performing Accelerator Program
  • 4x monthly. Specific Details to follow
    • Power Lunch
  • At least once weekly as soon as the event is listed on the website.
    • Events where GGBA are partnering and/or will be in attendance. 
    • Once weekly from when the event is on the website.
    • On the Monday of the event. If the event takes place on a Monday, then post on the Friday prior.
    • PLUS once the day prior to the event, by 2:00 p.m.

4. Post content on the following platforms, on the following schedules:


  • 1 post, Monday through Friday.


  • Between 1 -14 original tweets per day that are directly in line with the Project Overview above.
  • Between 1 – 4 retweets of original content as posted by our members and partners, with high priority on those of Top Level Partners (Chairperson, President levels)..


  • 1 original daily post, including all GGBA events..


  • 1 daily post +1 story/week (if content is available.

5. Social Advertising (designed to attract new members and new partners).


  • Follower ad that is optimized each month with new tweets and which runs continuously at $3 a day budget.


  • New member campaign that would run continuously at $5.00/day.


  • Weekly boosted post (ideally of events) for $20.00 weekly. We’ll make a trial and discover which platform does best.


  • Platform and media spend TBD according to GGBA needs.

6. Text Messages to Members and Partners.

Initiate 2x monthly text messaging to all members and partners (with ability to opt-out).  These can be to invite to an event, or ask a simple question.

7. Reporting

Weekly and monthly reporting of the above scope will be required.

Google Alerts to check: 

  • gayentrepren 
  • gay startups 
  • gay history 
  • gay San Francisco 
  • NGLCC 
  • LGBT Certification 
  • LGBT Small Business 
  • Small Business San Francisco 
  • Minority Certification 
  • Supplier Diversity 
  • Small Business Administration 

Partner Media Sites to check daily: 

  • San Francisco Business Times 
  • Silicon Valley Business Journal 
  • BayTimes 
  • Bay Area Reporter 
  • Small Business Administration 

COMMUNICATIONS – All newsletters should be available for viewing/download on the website. 

Due Date:

November 18th, by 6:00 p.m.


MWWPR has a large group in LGBT communications.

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