Three Must See Social Media Shares

There’s no question social media channels carry not only gems, but also some real “thuds” when it comes to value. All those Google employees sharing looped animation on g+, Facebook game requests out the ying and yang, even Pinterest pins nobody needs or wants. Oh, but those are the negatives. What about random stuff that is sometimes funny, but also characteristically insightful. Okay, there is truth in the hilarity of the PR business too.

Below are some random acts of social media goofiness that actually make as much sense as any board room seriousness. Check them out, you’ll “feel” what we mean.

ROI. In a perfect world anyone uttering a question about return on investment where social media is concerned… Well, those three stooges episodes where Mo hammers Larry and Curly upside the head, those can be classified as “return on idiots” I suppose. The image below reflects this sentiment, though it is seldom acted out for obvious reasons. Beans do not count the same as fluffy feelings.

ROI headlights via Tim Fishburne - Market Cartoonist

ROI headlights via Tim Fishburne – Market Cartoonist

That is priceless and well worth an “LOL” – getting an ROI number for a social media campaign, that’s a bit like figuring tsunami damages beforehand.

Moving farther down the client metrics river, the Infographic below does a self indulgent swaparoo in a graphic entitled ROI = Return On Infographics.


As you can see (on the face of the measurement) infographics compared to traditional posts seem to fare a lot better via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Of course a lot depends on what the said graphic is being compared to. But the point is well taken. I just like the idea of shifting the focus to elements rather than whole strategies (if universal measurements can ever be trusted).

Ideal Bite banana image

Ideal Bite banana image

So much for nebulous marketing bits. Turning to advertising for a second, clearly Pinterest was meant to sell ads! Well, at least it seems a perfect conduit to me. Take a look at the images above and below. The image above of a pin showing a pretty (naked?) woman with a banana aimed at her head (above) was sent to me via Mihaela my partner. Now, the pin itself links to a healthy eating site called Ideal Bite, where a story about a Mango diet is wrapped around none other than Dr. Oz.

One banana, two banana, three banana...

One banana, two banana, three banana…

Okay. Now look a my pin above in the top left corner compared to other available pins. I rest my case. Mango diet sold.

How bout a quick lesson Pinterest style? This is honestly off the cuff and totally impromptu, mind you. But let’s assume ladies on Pinterest are interested in fashion. A little Bing search engine magic. Watch this.

Sixties mind warp via Pinterest

A mindset warp on Pinterest back to the 60’s in 60 seconds – Ha!

I’ll keep looking for funny but smart things for PR and marketing types to grasp. As for the Pinterest adverts mind warp. That rabbit hole is too deep for here. :) Cheers for now.

Deer Cartoon Courtesy – Tom Fishburne | Marketoonist

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