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Creating Alt Text for Social Media Platforms

2022-03-11 by EPR Staff
Social media

Businesses take a lot of time to curate the perfect social media content, especially in terms of visual content. Perfect content means using the best filters, the right hashtags, and the best captions for social media platforms. However, that also means companies tend to overlook some of the elements that aren't as visible when sharing those posts, largely because this element, in particular, tends to live in the background of social media posts. Yet the proper use of that element is extremely beneficial to both accessibility and SEO, and that element is Alt or Alternative text. Wherever a photo is... Read More >

Advantages of social media marketing for B2B brands

2022-03-07 by Ronn Torossian
social media b2b

Social media marketing can provide significant benefits to a business. B2B brands are investing more and more into social media platforms. For B2B brands that want to retain customers and increase their loyalty, social media marketing is critical. Social media marketing, if implemented properly, can lead to fantastic outcomes, like those described below. Drives traffic Social media or digital pr platforms help businesses connect directly with their target audience. They play an important role in directing people to the right places. The social media platforms used by a business should express its value proposition. There are chances that prospective customers... Read More >

Facebook user growth stagnates

2022-03-02 by EPR Staff

Facebook has more than one billion users, and can safely be called a cultural, economic, and social phenomenon. Users across the world have been devoting countless hours to the site.  The importance of this social media platform to businesses, communication, journalism, and social relationships cannot be overstated. For the first time in its 18-year history, Facebook lost daily users. The lower-than-expected ad growth sent its stock plunging by nearly 20 percent. The loss was greatest in Africa, Latin America, and India. User base One of the causes for Facebook’s decreasing user base is its aging user base, and the fact... Read More >

Instagram and Influencer Marketing

2022-02-25 by Ronn Torossian

It's not always easy to stay on top of all of the changes happening in the digital and social landscapes, given their speed. Between social media platforms finding new ways for creators to generate income, Facebook rebranding into Meta, and different platforms pushing short-form video content, there are plenty of changes to social media platforms that have happened in the last year alone. One thing that hasn't changed for influencer marketing has been the platform where most campaigns take place. Instagram has a big and highly engaged audience, and this audience consumes thousands of pictures or videos on a daily basis, which... Read More >

Tips on Writing an Impactful Instagram Bio

2022-02-02 by EPR Staff
3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

When they come across a new brand on Instagram, the first thing that most people do is read the brand’s bio. That’s why when executed the right way, an Instagram Bio can give potential consumers some insights into a brand, what it stands for, and perhaps the offers that are currently available from it. Aside from those essentials, an Instagram bio can also contain any branded hashtags that are currently relevant to a company’s brand or industry. A company’s Instagram profile should always include the name of the business, the company’s logo as the profile picture, a link to the... Read More >

Lead Ads on Facebook

2022-01-26 by EPR Staff

With nearly 3 billion active users all over the globe, and as a great influence on consumer buying decisions, Facebook can't be ignored by companies who want to generate leads.There are plenty of other reasons why companies should be using Facebook in their lead ads. For instance, the tools and features the platform provides to businesses for driving more attention to solutions and targeting audiences should motivate companies to use the platform. One of the best marketing tools that companies can use with Facebook is lead ads, which allow businesses to generate leads on Facebook among people that might be... Read More >

Social Media and Misinformation in 2022

2022-01-11 by EPR Staff
social media covid teaser

At the end of last year, it was difficult for people to imagine a worse time for social media and misinformation, given the intensity of false news stories regarding the pandemic, vaccines, and elections. However, the following year proved to be up to the task, with misinformation being shared on social media at even greater rates than before. That’s why companies should be prepared to battle misinformation in the coming year.  The trend is far from over, and it seems that it’s going to continue evolving. Although misinformation in the media has existed for a long time, with the advent... Read More >

Cancel Culture and Reputation

2022-01-09 by EPR Staff
headliner lovinkxbanksy

We’re all living in an era when the social media phenomenon of “cancel culture” is either unavoidable or inevitable. However, the term itself, and “cancellations” aren’t a new thing that became popular with the rise of social media use. Back in the 1960s, people could also “cancel” various brands and corporations, in a slightly different way. All it took back then was people using their financial power by boycotting brands to push for different changes. The only difference between then and now is the fact that companies can get canceled on social media, which fuels those movements. The prevalent use... Read More >

Influencer Campaigns and Audio Content

2021-12-27 by EPR Staff

In the last couple of years, the world has increasingly been interested in digital content creators, turning each one of those creators into somewhat of a celebrity in their respective industries. This trend became even bigger once the pandemic started, as people had restricted and limited outdoor activity, which led to an increase in digital content consumption - whether that’s in video, text, or even audio format. Many content creators ended up going out of their way during the pandemic to show their craft through their social media accounts, in the hopes of attracting a larger number of flowers. Although... Read More >

Reaching Gen Z on Social Media

2021-12-25 by EPR Staff
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Currently, the youngest generations of consumers are those that were born after 1996, and they are incredibly tuned in to technology, unlike other generations before them. They use technology, and more specifically, social media platforms for inspiration, entertainment, and even to make their voices heard. These are young people that are fans of platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, which is why these platforms are all trying to fight for their attention. Companies that are looking to grab the attention of this generation of consumers on social media should first, and foremost, understand which platforms the consumers prefer... Read More >

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